Marc Jacobs Beauty Boxes for Christmas

Over the next few weeks, it's going to be all about Christmas beauty gifts on here - from the high street, and 5pm Spa and Beauty - so you will not be short of ideas! First up, some really sleek Christmas beauty boxes from Marc Jacobs. These are a real treat, and the prices are fantastic - lots of savings on the RRPs. The Glow Show is a hell of a gift set, and is for someone who has been very, very, very good this year! It's £60, the products … [Read more...]

Beauty Advent Calendars 2019

Have you got your advent calendar yet? There are SO many to choose from out there, it's crazy. Some of the beauty calendars are ridiculous prices, but if you love a brand, and can afford it, why not indulge. LUSH launched its first advent calendar ever on August 29 - and it sold out almost as soon as it launched!  I wrote a piece in the Daily Record again this year on beauty advent calendars - you can read it on my own blog, here. It's … [Read more...]

Clinique launch Age Transformer Dual Moisturiser

You can always rely on Clinique to baffle with science when a new product launches. This one has a double-sided A4 press release to go with it, and I have to admit, it's quite dry reading. So, let me try to simplify it for you - and myself! The Clinique Smart Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo: Resculpt & Revolumize is a brand new moisturiser, with basically two parts to it. The Resculpting part visibly lifts, contours … [Read more...]

End of Summer Beauty MOT with 5pm Deals

The clocks go back this weekend, marking the official end of summer, and sometimes it can be a bit depressing thinking about all those dark nights, and winter weather ahead. So, pamper yourself! Give yourself a treat. Think of it as a wee MOT for the new season - change your hair colour, paint those nails, spend some time in the salon. Here are five ideas for a great end of summer treat. There are also plenty more brilliant deals on all sorts of … [Read more...]

Sleeping Beauty

The clocks go back this weekend, as British Summer Time officially comes to an end. The dark nights are coming, but the good news is we get an extra hour in bed this weekend - and that's an extra hour of beauty sleep! Make the most of it, and use specific night time products that will treat your skin whilst you sleep. ingredient-wise, Retinol and AHAs work wonders whilst we are asleep, but be careful how often you use them, and make sure you use … [Read more...]

Autumn Beauty Buys!

I just love autumn. The colours are great, you get to be super-wrapped up, and super-cosy, the nights draw in, and there's Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night. What's not to love?! There are also loads of lovely products that are autumnal out there, so here are a few of my absolute faves for this season. I've been stepping away from the red lip for the first time in years, and experimenting with nudes, and different colours. I've also finally … [Read more...]

MONAT launches skincare range in UK

I'm never sure how I feel about direct selling companies, having had some pretty awful reactions to, and interactions with, Arbonne in the past. I had never heard of MONAT until recently. American, they've been trading for five years and started as a haircare company. They recently branched out into skincare, and it's been a massive hit, apparently. It's a fairly all-encompassing line, catering to the needs of all customers, regardless of … [Read more...]

Perfectly Primed with REN

REN launched the Perfect Canvas Clean Primer last month, and if you are in the market for a new primer, then this one is worth a look. It's weightless, silicone-free, and doesn't sit on the skin like some do,  but sinks in beautifully upon application. You only need a couple of drops, and you should massage it in until fully absorbed, after your moisturiser and SPF, before applying your makeup. Ensure full-face coverage for best … [Read more...]

NEW No7 Laboratories Skin Pastes and No7 Foundation

Pastes. That's a formula I keep hearing. Yesterday it was the new Alpha-H paste, today it's two new pastes from Boots No7 Laboratories. This new No7 range has passed me by, but I am hopeful I'm back on the press office radar now. They kindly sent me the two new pastes that launch to the Skin Paste range next week - Hydrating, and Clearing. They also sent the latest No7 foundation - the Protect & Perfect Advanced All in One … [Read more...]

Alpha-H Vitamin C Paste

The best beauty ingredients for your skin seem to change like the wind - one month it's charcoal, the next Centella Asiatica, the next retinol. They all have their worth, but it is safe to say that Vitamin C is one that should always stay near to, or at the top of your list. It stimulates collagen production, fights pigmentation issues and protects against photoageing. But, it's all about how much you get, in what form, and how concentrated … [Read more...]