Clinique launch new Moisture Surge products

Moisture Surge was a huge launch for Clinique around a decade ago, and the line has grown and grown over the years. Products have come and gone, and some have stood the test of time. And now, Clinique has added four new products to the best-selling hydration range for 2019. The star of the show is the Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate (£27.50). This is an ultra-lightweight water-feel that instantly floods the delicate eye … [Read more...]

Sunny Summer Beauty

Are you in a summer state of mind? I can't help drifting constantly to the beach in my mind, which is a nightmare, as I won't be heading there until at least August! This time of year is when we all start craving our sunny summer holidays, and who isn't keeping everything crossed that we get the summer weather we had last year? So, to keep things sunny, here are six sunny beauty buys that will at least have you feeling the summer vibes, even if … [Read more...]

Cleansing Day and Night!

I learned, quite late in life, that the key to good skin is not the moisturiser, or the toner, but the first step - the cleanser. So, I've collated (thanks very much to everyone who gifted me a cleanser for this piece) ten cleansers to try - all different formulas, some for day, some for night, and different price points. There are SO many cleansers to choose from, it's difficult to know what formula is right, and it depends on opersonal … [Read more...]

Summer Breaks with 5pm Trips

Earlier this week I was writing about the new Clarins Suncare range, and it got me thinking about a holiday in the sun. If you aren't ready to book up your big holiday, or if you already have, but fancy another wee break in between, or a few days away is all your budget will allow, then 5pm Trips is the place to find some sunny deals. You will definitely need your sunscreen if you book up the Big Deal trip to Alicante. For just £35 despoit, … [Read more...]

NEW suncare from Clarins

 Last weekend's heatwave was wonderful, and it put me right in the holiday mood! Luckily I had some of the new Clarins suncare to use when I was out in the sun. The new range is packaged beautifully, there is LOADS to choose from and all sorts of amazing formula. The all new Clarins High Performance Sun Care range, has 10 new protective formulas with only high level SPF 30 and SPF 50+ protection for face and body, and two new After … [Read more...]

Have A Lush Easter!

If you don't want chocolate this Easter, then head to Lush for some brilliant Easter goodies, without a calorie in sight. Lush always has brilliant themed goodies for every occasion, and this Easter is no exception.  Did you know that previous research carried out by governmental body WRAP,  found 3,000 tonnes of chocolate egg packaging is generated each year in the UK? hat is a LOT of waste. If you don't want to contribute to that, then here … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Beauty from Too Cool For School

If you don't want chocolate this Easter, you could still have your eggs, with Too Cool For School's EGG range! Don't you just love Korean beauty brands? They're cute, fun, and effective. This one has recently launched into larger Boots stores, and is available at online beauty sites, including, and The brand is HUGE in the US. The Egg Mellow Cream Moisturiser sells one unit every 12 … [Read more...]

Cannabis Beauty

Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Cannabis - all on-trend beauty ingredients that have been everywhere for the last few years. The latest brand to land on my desk to contain Cannabis is French holistic self-care (there's another buzzword that is everywhere right now) brand Ho Karan. The name means I love you in Breton, by the way. The new range is powered by hero ingredient Cannabis sativa, well-known as Hemp Oil, not to be confused with the latest … [Read more...]

Unicorn Beauty

It's National Unicorn Day. Yes, that is a thing. The unicorn is Scotland's national animal, so why should we not celebrate this lovely, mythical, omnipresent, beast? Unicorns are EVERYWHERE! You can pretty much get anything unicorn-shaped, themed, or printed in 2019, but let's concentrate on some unicorn beauty bits that you might want to get your hands on. 1. MAGICAL UNICORN NAIL STICKERS, £2.95, REXLONDON.COM - for kids, really, but who … [Read more...]

New mums Mother’s Day with L’Occitane

A friend of mine is due to give birth this week, just in time for Mother's Day! How lovely. This gorgeous gift would be perfect for her, and all new mums! L'Occitane's Cuddles & Bubbles Baby Collection is a lovely gift set featuring products from the brand's Karite Bebe range   - which is its shea for babies. Presented in a lovely box, the box contains 50ml Soft Fragrance Water, 300ml Cuddles & Bubbles Foaming Cream, 300ml Lovely … [Read more...]