Face Mask for Men with Beards!

Sometimes beauty products land on my desk that seem a bit absurd. This was one of them - the New Skinbuddy mask for men with beards. Granted it does look a bit mad, but there's method to the madness! Facial sheet masks are one of the most popular and effective treatments to help improve the appearance of the skin through hydration – and are used to help with ageing, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Most conventional sheet masks are … [Read more...]

Beauty brands react to Australian Wild Fires

None of us can have been left unaffected by the terrible coverage of the wildfires in Australia. It's Australia Day this Sunday, and beauty companies have pledged some help. British-based brand Beached was inspired by Australia and created by Aussie girl in London, Meg Gallagher. This weekend she is making a contribution by donating 100 per cent of profits from sales to WIRES Wildlife Rescue from all products sold from Friday January 24 to … [Read more...]

Lancome launch collection with Photographers Mert & Marcus

Lancome has announced the launch of a Limited Edition collection with photographer duo Mert & Marcus. The Mert & Marcus After Dark Collection will be available in February and includes an eye palette, liquid shadows, a lip kit, red lipsticks, and highlighting sticks.   Working with such talented and exceptional personalities like Mert & Marcus has been an exhilarating and passionate adventure. Mert & Marcus are not … [Read more...]

L’Occitane Liquid Soaps and Eco Refills

I tend to become obsessed with soaps and cleaning at the start of a year - I've already posted about new organic liquid soaps I've been trying, and now I'm going to get in a lather over L'Occitane's Liquid Soaps! The French company has been making solid and liquid soaps since 1980, when founder Olivier Baussan purchased a soap-making factory, and worked with a retired master soap- maker, to learn the traditional soap-making … [Read more...]

Lunar New Year Reflexology and Jo Malone collection

It's the Lunar/Chinese New Year next Saturday (January 25), which got me thinking about the reflexology I had last week. It was the first time I had had this treatment in years, and it was fantastic. Loved every minute of it, and it pretty much cured the remains of my cold virus, and I haven't coughed since! Reflexology  - the alternative therapy that uses pressure points on the feet to have an effect on other areas of the body  - has its roots … [Read more...]

January Beauty Blues for Skin, Hair and Face

The January Blues might already be upon you - but I say try to fight them with a little bit of the January BEAUTY blues. I've rounded up a whole load of beautiful blue beauty products so if you are feeling down, have a good pour over these instead, and pop them on your payday list if you want properly cheered up! This post covers skincare, haircare, and all the blue makeup you will ever need! Let's start right there with this makeup … [Read more...]

NEW Erborian Milk & Peel Mask and Balm

Sesame is a key ingredient in Korean cooking, so it makes sense it works in Korean skincare, right? The new Milk & Peel products from Erborian utilises sesame milk - extracted from freshly crushed seeds. Sesame offers a boundless reserve of minerals, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins, and is great for the body and skin. The virtues of the sesame seed have been recognised for centuries, apparently...! Two products feature this … [Read more...]

Hand Care with Alteya and 5pm

We're all about the body in January, right? Gym memberships renewed, trainers on for running, and diets started. But how about focusing on something else? Maybe your hands? I was gifted some absolutely gorgeous new organic liquid hand soaps before Christmas, and I don't think I've ever washed my hands as much! Alteya Organics Liquid Soaps are certified organic, made with botanical extracts and pure essential oils. You can use them on face and … [Read more...]

bareMinerals launch the Poreless Collection

Here's another brand launching a new line perfect for Veganuary. bareMinerals launches its Poreless Collection - three products designed to help reduce the appearance of pores. It's a three-step skincare routine - so each product works in tandem with each other. It's not aimed at any particular age or skin type, it works for everyone, and it is powered by natural ingredients. Free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives, the … [Read more...]

Lush launch new Ultraplant Cleanser

It's Veganuary, and Lush has launched a new cleanser called Ultraplant - with the hashtag #TryVegan. The brand states this is its most luxurious, cold cream facial cleanser yet, and if you want to treat yourself, and the planet, then give it a go. It is a pretty innovative product  - a vegan blend, completely plant-based, self-preserving, and uses just six ethically-sourced natural ingredients - organic jojoba oil, orange blossom water, … [Read more...]