Intimate Styling with Feathrs and 5pm Spa and Beauty

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Let’s get intimate! It might be winter, but that’s no excuse for letting it all go down there, is it?! There are plenty of offers on 5pm Spa and Beauty for waxing, and keeping everything in good order.

You might also want to investigate intimate care product range Feathrs – with the brilliant tagline ‘Prune Your Plume’! Available at Superdrug, this 100% vegan range is a unique, four-step skincare regime, created for intimate styling to help shower, style, soothe and smoothe the intimate area.

Designed to help maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate skin area and containing a hypoallergenic fragrance to avoid irritation, all Feathrs products contain natural ingredients.

Incorporating Aloe Vera, Cranberry extracts and Witch Hazel, known for their soothing and hydrating properties, perfect for reducing redness, irritation and spots, the Feathrs intimate area skincare range includes an Exfoliating Wash, Shave Cream, Moisturising Balm and Ingrown Hair Solution.

The Four-Step Skincare Approach begins with the Feathrs Exfoliating Wash (£5.99) in the shower.  Using natural rice grain, this gently removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal. It helps to reduce the risk of spots and ingrown hairs, which can often occur on delicate skin post-wax or shave.

Step two is to style it out, with the Feathrs Shave Cream (£4.99). Enriched with aloe vera and calendula extract to reduce redness and razor bumps, this pH-balanced shave cream can be used on any part of the body.

Next step is to soothe with Feathrs Moisturising Balm (£5.99). Calm and hydrate your skin with this nourishing moisturising balm, enriched with gentle aloe vera and cotton oil to protect and nurture the skin following hair removal and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Specifically formulated to be swiftly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

The final step is to smooth with Feathrs Ingrown Hair Solution (£9.99) This specially formulated solution to this often, painful problem uses natural ingredients including witch hazel to help unblock the pores and reduce the recurrence of ingrown hairs, and allow the skin to breathe.

Let’s look at those waxing offers on the 5pm Spa and Beauty site. We’ve picked out a few deals that will have your intimate areas pruned to perfection for the party season!

At Tooran Nail And Beauty @ Style Bar, in Glasgow’s West End, a standard Bikini Wax is £12 and will take 15 minutes. If you want a Brazilian, or even a Hollywood (all whipped off), then it’s £20 and it will be 30 minutes on the end.

At the 200 SVS Spa in Glasgow’s St Vincent Street, you can book in for a Brazilian or Hollywood Hot Wax, for £25. The deal can be taken Monday to Saturday, and the treatment will take 45 minutes in total.

Prepping for the Christmas party season might include a Full Leg And Bikini Wax, and you can get that with this deal from Hollywood Nails and Hair Extension Bar for just £25. The 45-minute treatment is available all week, at the Glasgow west end salon.

Elmbank Therapies offer Intimate Waxing deals from Tuesday to Saturday – book in for a 15-minute standard bikini wax for £10, step it up a notch to a Brazilian – £18 for 30 minutes, or pay and extra pound, and have it all waxed off in a Hollywood for £19.

The Park West Spa in Hamilton offers a Hollywood or a Brazilian for £22, all week. Treatment time is an hour, so attention to detail on this one!