Jo Loves Rose Petal 25

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Jo Malone has been creating scents for a quarter of a century, and to celebrate – she’s created another one!

The woman behind the massively successful, eponymous brand, Jo Malone – which she sold to Estee Lauder some years back – launched Jo Loves a few years ago.

Jo Loves is a gorgeous, luxury, brand, which sees Jo at her fragrance-creating best. Pomelo is a firm favourite of mine, and the Geranium home candle makes any room smell absolutely beautiful.

Now, Jo has created Rose Petal 25, and it is fantastic. If you ever made rose perfume in a bucket from the rose petals in the garden as a kid, you are going to love this!

I have loved the scent of rose petals all my life so this year, to celebrate 25 years of being a shopkeeper, I have captured every memory of what this beautiful flower means to me in Rose Petal 25 – Jo Malone CBE

Ever since she was a kid, Jo has loved the smell of roses, and she too made rose water with handpicked petals from the garden as a little girl. She progressed to mixing her first Bulgarain rose oil face mask, and each petal of the delicate flower carries one of her precious life memories.

Following a sensorial journey to the little town of Grasse in the South of France last year to discover the magical Rose de Mai, a flower notably cherished and celebrated through time, Jo drew inspiration when handpicking the perfect blooms at dawn to extract the first drops of precious oil.

This gorgeous scent ties a bouquet of Bergamot, Saffron and Lychee notes to blossoming Rose Water, Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose on a bed of everlasting Rose de Mai Absolute, Rose Absolute and Ambrette Seed.

It is stunning. If you like rose, you will absolutely love this. The packaging is also really beautiful – check out the photos.

Jo Loves Rose Petal 25 is available in two volumes – 50ml and 100ml, £70 and £115, from, and Space NK