Jo Malone Blossoms and a cute Twist and Spritz atomiser

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This time of year is all about the bright and the colourful, mainly thanks to the blossom and flowers,  so the new Jo Malone Blossoms collection fits perfectly.

It’s available for a limited time from this month, and it has two old scents brought back, one all-time favourite, and one brand new fragrance.

The beautifully colourful collection has an array of ways to wear, and surround yourself with your favourite scents.

Frangipani Flower is the brand new scent – it has a top note of jasmine petals, a heart of frangipani, and a creamy base note of sandalwood. It comes in two sizes of cologne – 30ml and 100ml.


Long-loved Orange Blossom is repackaged for the collection, and comes in a 100ml Cologne, a Room Diffuser, and, for the first time, a Hair Mist. Orange Blossom has a clementine flower top note, a heart of white lilac, and a base of sandalwood.

Star Magnolia returns, in the form of a Hair Mist, as well as a 30ml, and 100ml Cologne. With a top note of lemon, a hear tof star magnolia, and a base of sandalwood, this is a crisp citrus-floral.

Finally, there’s also Silk Blossom – gorgeously pink, this floral comes in the two sizes of cologne, and a Home Candle. Silk Blossom has a top note of white pepper, a heart of silk blossom and a base of moss.

Each scent in the blossoms collection can be worn alone or layered with another to create a unique combination. Jo Malone London recommends spritzing a Cologne on pulse points, then following with a touch of complementing Hair Mist through the hair. Here are two pairings that they suggest.


Frangipani Flower Cologne with Orange Blossom Hair Mist – A warm floral scent, radiant with frangipani as shimmering orange blossom flows through your hair.

Silk Blossom Cologne with Star Magnolia Hair Mist – An uplifting floral scent with vibrant silk blossoms softened by the gleam of star magnolia in your hair.

The Jo Malone Blossoms Collection is available now for a limited time, from Jo Malone locations, and Colognes are £49 and £98, Home Candle, £49, Hair Mist, £44, and Room Diffuser, £65. 


I’ve also just come across these cute little Twist & Spritz  fragrance atomisers in lovely spring colours. They are so easy to use, and perfectly portable. Each one holds 8ml of your favourite scent, which equates to 100 sprays.

The bottles are so easy to use – you just remove the inner bottle, before placing the valve over the exposed nozzle of your favourite fragrance bottle.

The Twist & Spritz Atomisers are from £10, and available at