Wild Flowers & Weeds from Jo Malone

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It’s not easy to write about perfume when you haven’t had the chance to smell it, but let’s just say I like the concept of this collection from Jo Malone, and I am sure they smell beautiful.

The Wild Flowers & Weeds collection is the latest limited edition special collection launched by the fragrance brand, and it’s nice – a fragrant voyage along a winding river, the press info says.

There are five limited edition scents in this collection, all inspired by the unruly weeds and wild plants and flowers than line a river’s banks. I am lucky enough to live in a small village that has a river running through it, and I adore the wildflowers near it in Spring.

Each of the colognes comes in a decorated bottle, so let’s have a closer look.

Nettle & Wild Achillea takes thetangy sting of nettle, and  blends it with wild, white achillea flower. There’s bright bergamot in there, and the greenness is softened by a soft base of white musk.

Willow & Amber is the expressive, gorgeous, weeping willow, beautifully blended with cashmere wood and smoky vetiver, and enhanced by softly sensual amber.

Cade & Cedarwood is all about the soft-smoiuldering embers of a fire at night.  The smoky scent of cade is mingled with cedarwood and complemented by a hint of vanilla.

Hemlock & Bergamot is an odd one. henlock is a deadly flower, but actually very delicate, and is brightened here by bergamot, with golden mimosa and heliotrope in there for good measure. Oh, and a bit of cucumber too!

Lupin & Patchouli utilises the scent of all those gorgeous lupin flowers – not to be confused with foxgloves. Lupins grow up, goxgloves flowers hang down.My favourite, patchouli, is in this one, and a hint of mandarin.

If you really love the brand, or really want to treat mum, then you can purchase the whole collection and get it in a gorgeous keepsake tin. For £245. There are three colours – blue, green and black.

Each of the 30ml fragrances is £49. Available now in Jo Malone stores, and jomalone.co.uk