Gorgeous Buly 1803 Rose Scent

2 min read

I have a thing for rose fragrances. I love them. And the more traditional, the better. So, when I first had a sniff of Eau Triple Damask Rose by a brand called Buly 1803, I was hooked.

I was very kindly sent a bottle by the PR for the purposes of review. This lovely perfume is a luxury scent, from an ancient Parisian brand – the clue is in the name!

But if you love fragrance, you will love it. And if you love discovering new brands, then L’Officine Universelle Buly A Paris is one of those gems – and the prices aren’t too eyewatering. Okay, this is not a cheap scent, but go take a look at all the other goodies they have on offer!

They do fragrance, skincare, bodycare, soaps, powders, and potions to help creste your own skincare, beauty tools, and even scented stones and cat and dog brushes!

But back to the Damask Rose. The main USP of this gorgeous scent is that it is water-based. It’s alcohol and ethanol-free, which means you can use it on both skin and hair, with no risk of dehydration. It’s the perfect summer scent. It doesn’t last all day, but it holds for a good few hours, and I can’t wait to use this on sunny holiday days!

My husband said it reminded him of perfume kids made in buckets with rose petals and water, and it is almost as simple. Of course, it’s not just rose that’s in there. There’s vetiver and ginger too, and it smells delicious – traditional, but not old-fashioned.

Shake the bottle before use, which helps to revive the water emulsion. Spray it on after showering, add it to your bathwater, spritz it on your bath linen, use it on your hair, and it is perfect as a bedtime fragrance – this is a thing, trust me. I have a friend who wears perfume to bed every  night!

And what do Buly suggest you do once wearing this lovely scent?

“Let the wind blow your hair as it passes through. Admire yourself in the Hall of Mirrors. Settle into a sleeping compartment on the Orient-Express. Drape yourself in humility. And for the grand finale: pop a bottle of champagne with a saber!”

Quite. It really is a fun brand beauty addicts have to discover!

The white glass vintage bottle is lovely and once you’ve finished the scent, you can reuse it as a small vase, or a container for something else. Perfect!

Find Buly 1803 Eau Triple Damask Rose 75ml, £156, Selfridges, also at  buly1803.com