Sunny 5pm Beauty Deals!

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I’ve been all about the sunshine these past few weeks. I’ve been writing about sunny beauty products, smelling sunny scents, watching the glorious sunshine on Shipwrecked (I know, I know, it’s addictive) and dreaming of sunnier days.

I was also sent this new sunscreen brand, which has me looking out my passport and trawling the travel apps on my phone. Sunshapers is a new kind of sunscreen, the brainchild of Barcelona-born Rosa Gardella Trias, who spent two years making her dream of suncare with added skincare and fat-burning benefits a reality.

Rosa has spent many years working in the beauty and modelling industries, with offices in Barcelona, Munich and the Middle East.

One of my tips has always been to try an anti-cellulite ceam under your sunscreen, butit was time-consuming applying several creams on your body, never mind packing them into bulging suitcases,” she recalls. “There I was in the Middle East, going through  this multiple cream regime, and I said to friends ‘I wish a sun cream could have extras like fat-burning and anti-celulite -that would be a dream cream!'”

So, Sunshapers was born – there are two products, Sun Cream SPF30 and After Sun Lotion, and both contain three main active ingredients for beautifully tanned, toned and silky smooth skin:

SymFit 1617Clinically proven to increase fat-burning, and reduced the appearance of cellulite. It works by inhibiting lipid uptake, slowing the formation of new fat cells, and increasing fat burning a a deeper level than traditional activities.

Melano-Bronze Tan AcceleratorA natural tan-accelerator proven to stimulate tanning with or without the sun.

Natural Prebiotics‘good skin probiotics’ to support the natural skin barrier, and promote skin cell renewal.

Use the Sun Cream SPF 30 daily when in the sun, and the After Sun Lotion in the evening. Use the After Sun for two to three weeks on returning from your holiday, to support the body-shaping process that was kick-started in the sun, help preserve your tan, and renew skin cells.

The sunscreen offers essential UVA and UVB protection, and cost £19.99 each, for 200ml bottles. Available at

Does it really do everything it says? Who knows. But I cannot wait until I am off on a flight somewhere sunny to try it!


In the meantime, here are some body-shaping and fake tanning beauty deals on 5pm to get you through the last part of winter!

Who knows if these treatments work, but if you believe in it, then why not give it  whirl? Head to Angel Loving Care in West Lothian for the Minimi Inch Loss Wrap. For £45, you can go down a dress size, apparently, with no fuss. The deal also includes a choice of mini facial or mini candle treatment whilst wrapped up.

For £59, you can upgrade the deal to also include a Full Body Massage.The deal can be taken Tuesday to Saturday.

At LA Beauty in Glasgow’s East End, you can try out the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, which concentrates on ‘problem’ areas such as thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. The deal is £29, Tuesday to Saturday, or you can add on another treatment for an extra £10. Choose from eyebrow wax, tint & eyelash tint, gel polish hands or toes, scalp massage, or mini Dermalogica facial.

If you want a quick fake tan, then book this deal from the Glow Skin Centre + Tanning Salon in Glasgow’s south side. Choose from Australian gold Premier tan, or Ultra Dark spray tan, and get your full body done for just £14.

At Flawless by Danielle in Glasgow’s East End, there are loads of fake tan deals to choose from. Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Full Body Spray Tan 20 minute treatment is £10, a Fake Bake 60 Minute Rapid Full Body Spray Tan is £15, as is the Fake Bake Original Darker Full Body Spray.

The Sienna X Full Body Spray tan, and the Sienna X 1 Hour Development tan are both £15, and the treatments are 20 minutes.