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It’s not good enough to just pick up a mascara, slick it on and go with your lashes these days. If you haven’t looked at false lashes in a while, and still think they’re strip lashes of the kind Twiggy favoured in the 1960s, then you’re in for a surprise.

These days, there’s nothing you can’t do to your lashes – extend them, tint them, perm them even. Yes, perm them – although the beauty industry prefers to call it a Lash Lift.

There’s even Magnetic Lashes – which I have to say are pretty much as bonkers as they sound. But if you do fancy giving them a go, Eyelure has just launched a line of Magnetic Lashes, which you click on and can wear up to 15 times. Trust me, they are not as simple as they sound! If you want to have a go, they’re £13.95 at Boots.

However, if you want an expert to tend to your lashes, then there are quite a few offers on 5pm Spa and Beauty to choose from.

At 200 SVS The Spa in Glasgow, you can choose a Lash Lift + Lash Tint for £39. Basically, your lashes are combed upwards on to a silicone shield, and eye=safe perming lotion is applied. Your lashes end up lifted and curled, and the effects last a good month or so.


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At Beauty + Holistic Therapies by Jo, inside the Papillon Hair Boutique in Glasgow, you can choose Hollywood Lashes,plus an eyebrow wax and tint, plus the first infill free, for £40. These are semi-permanent false lashes – each lash extension is applied individually to your own lashes.

At Partick U Lar Hair + Beauty Salon in Glasgow’s Partick, you can choose from two different types of Lash Lifts – the Salon System Lash Lift offer is £22, and the Elleebana Lash Lift offer is £25.



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In Edinburgh’s Corstorphine, at the beautyworks, choose from two types of lashes. The Let’s Go Express Lashes is a quicker treatment, and the offer is £29.70. The offer is £59.50 for a full set of Lash Perfect Lash Extensions.

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