Kate Spade Truly Collection at The Perfume Shop

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Fancy a new perfume? Then here are four to choose from, in the Kate Spade Truly Collection at The Perfume Shop. Which are you?


Inspired by the colour aqua, perfumer Guillaume Flavingny created truly dazzling to mimic an aquatic oasis against the bright blue sky of the desert. He joined the feeling of ocean salt and mineral accents with a youthful spirit of watery fruit, to evoke rain in the desert, and a fluid playfuness.
· Top notesLotus Flower, Marine Accord, Salt and Mineral
· Heart notesLaminaria Seaweed France, ‘Blue Beauty’ Water Lily, Wild Bluebell Scent Trek®
· Base notesMusk, Sandalwood, Vetiverbe ScentFresh



Drawing inspiration from the colour green, perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux created this scent to exude the smell of a fresh bamboo forest. So, just as the emerald leaves of the forest trees are intensified by the warm, sun-filled breeze, and cooled once inside the bamboo tree canopy, this offerswarm, floral notes that are cooled with refreshing musks.
· Top notesBamboo Leaves, Green Sap, Galbanum
· Heart notesLotus Blossom, Mock Orange Flower, Rhubarb
· Base notesGreen Musks, Ambrette Seeds, Sylkolide® Givaudan Captive Musk




Dreaming of the colour orange, perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux was reminded by the orange spice scent of his mother’s famous orange mousse dessert from his childhood. The perfume was inspired by the crystallized ginger and warm, crisp spice of the dessert, reminding us to reminisce on the warm, thoughtful, and joyful memories of our past.
· Top notesBlood Orange, Cara Orange, Valentine Pomelo Scent Trek®, Cardamom
· Heart notesNutmeg Flower, Royal Cinnamon, Chinese Ginger, Turmeric
· Base notesAngelica Musk, Orange Flower Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla



To capture the essence of the color fuchsia, perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux drew inspiration from the naturally bright fuchsia color of the Peony flower. The fragrance mimics the freshness and purity of a peony, and, as the fragrance unfolds, it reveals deeper and more mysterious nuances hidden in the flower’s petals.
· Top notes – “Tiny Dancer” Peony Scent Trek™, Flame Ginger Flower, Passionflower
· Heart notesFuchsia Cherry Blossom, “Lusty” Peony Scent Trek™, Jasmine Sambac
· Base notesRosyfolia® Givaudan Captive, Pink Wild Rose, Heliotrope


The Kate Spade Truly Collection is available now, £45 for each 75ml, at The Perfume Shop, and theperfumeshop.co.uk