Clarins launches makeup brush collection

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Clarins launches its first ever makeup brush collection later this month – and I can’t believe there’s never been one before. It is small, perfectly formed, and worth the wait!

Clarins has launched brushes before, but singular, never in a collection like this.

The brand launches six makeup brushes in total, all of them super soft and synthetic, with birch wood handles crafted from sustainably managed forests. I have had a play with a few of these brushes, and they are lovely. And super, super soft.

The six brushes include Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Multi-use Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, and Smudging Brush. Prices are from £21-£31.


I am not sure of the Multi-use Foundation Brush (£26) – I don’t quite understand what it is for, and Clarins hasn’t offered an explanation so far. It has a sort of two-part to it, so I assume it’s to do with how you apply it.

I love eyeshadow brushes, and smudging brushes, and these are great examples. Good brushes are key, in my opinion, to good makeup application. I’ve watched bloggers apply with their fingers, but I just don’t get it! You wouldn’t paint a wall with your hands would you?

Clarins Brushes, from £21, available at counters, and, from August 26.