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There are some beauty products you need –  mascara, lipstick, blush, maybe a bit of concealer. And some you don’t. You probably don’t need the new Smashbox Limited Edition Photo Finish Scented Primer Waters in your beauty regime, but you might want them.

These new 3-in-1 face primer and setting sprays hydrate, prep and refresh skin. Each of them was co-created with YouTuber Nicol Concilio, and I had no idea who she was. I have now watched a few of her videos, and, well, I’ve left the Smashbox one below for you all to see if you aren’t familiar with her work…

Each of these Primer Waters is infused with electrolytes and a limited-edition scent formulated to boost your makeup and your mood, say Smashbox.

The three scents are:

• Centering Citrus: Neutralizes negativity with a blend of balancing blood orange and grounding grapefruit.
• Serene Greens: Keeps you calm with a blend of cooling cucumber and mellow melon.
• So-Chill Coconut: Gives you ‘resting beach face’ with a relaxing blend of coconut and vanilla that’s basically vacay in a bottle.

I had a whiff of these months ago when I met the lovely Smashbox UK PR, and they do smell nice. The packaging is cute, and the product? I don’t know. Is there a need in my life for a face spray? Probably not.

Smashbox says they have loads of uses, so let’s look at the list

They immediately soothe, add radiance and delivers lasting hydration – I can see that.
They instantly absorb into skin and prep for makeup application – yep, just like other primers.
Leave skin looking ultra-soft without added oil or shine – I don’t know how this is better or not than other primers.
Revitalising electrolytes reawaken skin and restore hydration – okay, I’m not sure about this, I know we can ingest electrolytes for rehydration, but through our skin? Hmmm.
Doubles as a setting and finishing spray – true, but only if you need one of those.

Anyway. This is a fun product, it’s a silly summer product, and if you love this kind of thing, then go for it. If I were to chose one, I think it’d be the Serene Greens.



Smashbox Limited Edition Photo Finish Scented Primer Waters, £22 each, and stockists