Jo Malone launches Hot Blossoms for Spring

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Jo Malone London has launched two blossom-led collections for Spring – and one of the fragrances comes in the brand’s first-ever Body Mist.

Inspired by her travels around Brazil, Jo Malone London’s Head of Fragrance Development, Celine Roux, decided there was so much to be inspired by, that one scent wasn’t enough. And instead of two new colognes, the idea of a new product – the Body Mist – was born.

The inspiration came when I was travelling around Brazil. We loved the flamboyant vibrancy of the flowers
and the sumptuous textures of the fruits there, so we thought why not create two fragrances instead of one? – Celine Roux, Jo Malone London Head of Fragrance Development


I haven’t had a whiff of either of these scents, sadly, so all I can give you is a synopsis of them.

EDIT: I have now had a smell of the Cattleya Flower Body Mist, and the Tropical Cherimoya Cologne. Both, I have to admit, are very light. It was quite difficult to get a sense of them on just one or two sniffs. If I had to choose one, I’d pick the Cherimoya.

The new Cattleya Flower Body Mist (£45, 100ml) has orchid petals, citrus, bitter gentian and vetiver, making it refreshing and light – I think! It’s a bit vague, I have to say, the press material – and I have never heard of a Cattleya flower (it’s an orchid by the way!).

The Tropical Cherimoya Cologne (£95, 100ml, £47, 30ml) is, as far as I can make out, fruitier and more floral. Cherimoya is a tropical fruit, also known as a ‘custard apple’ thanks to its creamy flesh. The scent blends pear, passion flower, Brazilian copahu resin and creamy tonka bean.

Also launching this month are three Blossom Girls colognes (£95 each, 100ml). Plum Blossom, Nashi Blossom and Sakura Cherry Blossom. I have a feeling Jo Malone launched a Sakura scent a few years back now – I must check that out!

Anyway, this time the three new scents come in Limited Edition 100ml bottles only.

Plum Blossom combines the scent of the blossom, yellow plums, and clean white must.

Nashi Blossom is rich with nashi fruit and pear, and crisp apple, softened with rose and white musk.

Sakura Cherry Blossom layers cherry blossom with rose and violet, and adds a brightening sparkle of bergamot.

Again, I can’t tell you much more, as I haven’t smelled these scents, but the packaging is gorgeous – great spring/summer gifts for Jo Malone London fans.

Jo Malone London Hot Blossoms and Blossom Girls collections available from May at Jo Malone locations, and