Tanning Deals

2 min read

Snow. Right, that’s enough of that, I think. What is going on with this neverending winter?! So, let’s NOT talk snow, and talk tanning instead.

Okay, you might not be showing off your limbs, still wrapped up in winter clothes, but surely having a bit of a tan will make you feel better at least.

I was browsing Instagram  recently and noticed St Tropez’s new PURITY Bronzing Water Mousse (£31, Boots). Looks great, but I’m no good when it comes to self-tanning.

I’d much rather head to a salon, and some of these deals on 5pm Spa and Beauty are so reasonable, why would you not?!

At Deborah’s Beauty in the City in Glasgow, it’s just £10 for a Full Body Spray Tan. Just a tenner to feel instantly better!

At the Goddess Day Spa in Paisley, you can get your spray tan and your nails done for £29. Yes please. That’s a Minx Nails and Spray tan deal


At the Glow Skin Centre and Tanning Salon in Glasgow, a Full Body Spray Tan is £12, using Australian Gold Premier or Ultra Dark Spray Tan. That scares me a little, I’m not going to lie, but if that’s your thing, this is your deal!

Over in the city’s West End, at Esteem Beauty it’s £17 for a spray tan. They use Sienna spray tan, and you can choose form shading grades of 6%, 8%, 10% or 12%.

Finally, at Paul Allan Hair + Beauty you can choose from three Tanning Offers through 5pm. All of them use Sienna X tan. So, you can choose the Spray Tan for £10, Manual Tan application for £12, or a Full Body Exfoliation and Tan for £20.