Spring Body Beauty

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The clocks spring forward this weekend, and, fingers crossed, as the days get longer, we get better weather. And that means, maybe, we shed our winter wardrobe, and actually show a bit of flesh!

So, it’s probably a great time to have a bit of a spring overhaul on that body you’ve been hiding under layers and layers of clothing for months on end. I’m not about to tell you to go on some crash diet or get to the gym, okay? Your body is your body, whatever shape or size it is, and if you are happy, that’s fine. But, your skin does need some TLC after the winter. Animals shed their winter coats – my cats are on full shed mode right now, and their hair is everywhere.

And you might want to think about de-fuzzing as well. And I know I certainly like to think about exfoliating. There’s actually nothing more refreshing for the body than a good exfoliation. Followed by moisturiser, obviously.

I am currently obsessed with a sugar scrub from Isla Apothecary. Created in London, free of all nasties, vegan and natural, this Blood Orange & Vanilla Sugar Scrub (from £13) is wonderful. it’s like showering with chocolate orange. It is also brilliant on dry patches, and just a great way of sloughing off the dead skin cells, gently.

I was writing a piece for a newspaper paper on ‘body beauty’ and I was sent this gorgeous scrub to try. I’ve almost finished it. It smells amazing. Like chocolate orange. Chocolate Orange. 🍫🍊 It’s Isla Apothecary Blood Orange and Vanilla Sugar Scrub. Only natural, ethically-sourced, and where possible organic ingredients make it in to Isla Apothecary products, says founder Kate. It comes in two sizes, 120 and 200g, £13 or £23. Find it on their website or in independent retailers. This is not an ad, I just really love some of the beauty products I write about and this is one I will buy again. It really worked on my dry elbows and didn’t aggravate my psoriasis. . . . #beauty #bbloggers #beautybloggers #beautywriter #beautyjourno #bloodorange #sicilianorange #arancia #bodyscrub #bodybeauty #islaapothecary #naturalbeautyproducts

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Sometimes though, it’s nice to have someone else give us some TLC, and that’s where 5pm Spa & Beauty comes in with all sorts of fab offers for giving yourself a bit of a winter to spring MOT.

If you want someone else to scrub and moisturise your body for a treat, then book the 5pm Spa & Beauty offer at Beauty by Karen @ Kevin O’Neill Hair in Glasgow’s Merchant City. Spend 30 minutes, Wednesday  to Saturday,  having a full body scrub, followed by body butter application, for just £15.

At Soul Space in Glasgow’s West End we couldn’t help but laugh at this photo on their instagram! But, hey, maybe you like your legs that hairy, and that’s fine! They do offer a Bodacial – basically a facial for the body that uses scrubs, masks, and an enriching moisturisation routine, coupled with light massage. It aims to leave you feeling toned and refreshed, and is just £35 on 5pm, and is available all week.


Who knows if any of these ‘fat-busting’ treatments work? But if it makes you feel good, then we say why not? Therapy Hair & Spa in Glasgow offers the much-talked about Shrinking Violet Body wrap, Monday to Saturday, booked through 5pm Spa & Beauty for £35. It’s a one and a half hour treatment, and works by lipolysis – that means that means the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids. The wrap itself is pain-free.

At MacIntyre’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge you can get a Full Leg & Bikini Wax, from Tuesday to Saturday for £35 – in just 40 minutes you’ll be completely defuzzed!

At Beauty Balance in East Kilbride, they are offering an amazing wax package – a Brazilian, Half-leg, Underarms, and Eyebrows all for £25, in just an hour. This offer is available on a Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

These and plenty more offers on 5pm Spa & Beauty which should get you set for spring. We can’t guarantee the sun, unfortunately!