Dermaplaning Deals

2 min read

Dermaplaning has been a beauty buzzword for a while now, and I have to admit I’ve not yet tried it. Perhaps I’ve never felt the desire to remove the peachy fuzz from my face – or the vellus hair to give it its actual name – or maybe I am just a little scared…

It’s not a new practice at all though, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe ‘shaved’ their faces, as did Cleopatra, When you remove the peach fuzz with dermaplaning, you also remove the dead skin cells, beautifully exfoliating the face, allowing for a smoother base for makeup. It’s also great for prepping the skin prior to peels, enzyme treatments and to increase penetration of active ingredients.Your therapist holds a sterile, surgical blade at a 45-degree angle, and, well, shaves.

I received two press releases recently on at-home products that caught my interest – the first is the Hollywood Browzer, which kind of looks like a mini cutthroat razor, but is perfect for shaping your brows, removing unwanted hair, exfoliating and smoothing on the upper lip, chin, sideburns, hairline and back of neck. It’s £15, and is apparently simple to use, but I think I’d be terrified.

The other, much easier to use, is the Finishing Touch Flawless tool (£19.99, JML) which is a battery-operated, 18K carat gold plated mini shaver which you can use on unwanted facial hair, and that peachy fuzz. It’s very easy to use, but perhaps for just small areas.

Of course, neither of these are in any way as good as booking in for a proper Dermaplane Facial at a salon, which I am more and more tempted to do. There are offer on 5pm Spa & Beauty offering different Dermaplane treatments.

At Brow Envy in Glasgow’s Dumbarton Road, a Basic Dermaplane Facial is £50, and includes a hydrogel mask, glycolic peel, skin refiner, Vitamin C serum, and advanced filler moisturiser.

At LA Beauty in Shettleston, you can book in for a Dermplane Facial for just £35.

At the Spa in the City at the Marriot Hotel, a luxury dermaplane facial – which includes a Murad power mask, or LED therapy to maximise the dermaplaning results, is £70 for a 1.5 hour treatment.

At the city’s Bon Vivant Boutique salon, you can book a Dermaplane facial with Enzyme peel and CACI Collagen Ritual for £60.

Finally, at the Goddess Day Spa in Paisley, a one hour Dermaplane Facial can be booked for £50.