Lee Stafford CHoCo LoCKs haircare

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This new range from Lee Stafford is powered by chocolate, and, trust me, the Butter Cream Treatment smells unbelievably chocolatey, and good enough to eat.

It’s one of five products in this pretty in pink range, which uses chocolate to help your hair. Chocolate is naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals and feel-good happiness. It also contains vital nutrients to make hair lustrous and supple – which is what we all want.


The chocolate in these products is Cacao Extract, and each of the range has it in it. The Butter Cream (£7.99) is a rich treatment that you initially use every wash, until your hair feels great, and then use once a week.

There are two styling products in the range – Gloss Boss (£6.99) is a chocolate glossing mist which delivers a ‘shot of shine’ – spritz onto dry hair from a distance, and layer as you want.

Chocolate Shake (£7.99) is a glow-enhancing, duo-phase leave-in treatment. Formulated with Cacao extract and rich caramel to effortlessly detangle and soften your hair. Mist it all over, and then blow-dry.

As well as the styling products, there’s a Shampoo and Conditioner (both £6.99). The shampoo is a basic gentle cleansing shampoo, for everyday use, and the Conditioner is a creamy conditioner, which strengthens hair and revitalises it.

The Lee Stafford Choco Locks range is available now at Boots stores, and boots.com