Clip on veneers are the new thing - and you can get them in Glasgow

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Would you love perfect teeth but don’t want to commit to veneers? You may want to consider clip on veneers. They are massively rising in popularity and are as easy (actually, easier) than putting on false eyelashes.

To get clip on veneers all you need to do is get a mould made of your teeth, wait a week for the veneers to get made, then slip them in and out of your mouth whenever you fancy. They are painless and easy to put in and take out. You could wear them all the time or just wear them on nights out. They don’t involve filing down the tooth like actual veneers.

Clip on veneers in Glasgow

If you’re looking for clip on veneers in Glasgow, Hollywood Cosmetics in Paisley is the place to go. Rather then send a mould out in the post, as many clip on veneers companies do, they do the mould in person to ensure it is correct.

They then send the mould away to a dental company who make the veneers and within a week your new sparkling new teeth will be ready.

“Clip on veneers can be used for various different things,” said Mark Lazarus, owner of Hollywood Cosmetics. “A lot of people just use them for the Friday night, as you would do with false eyelashes, but you can wear them all the time if you want. Another thing a lot of people do is put teeth whitening gel inside the veneers then clip them in and wear them overnight. You can use them for a number of different things.”

Easy to wear

“The clip on veneers are non painful, non surgical and comfortable to wear. It takes two seconds to clip them in and two seconds to clip them out. You can get different shades as many people feel the most white shade is too white.”

“What sets us aside from other clip on veneer companies is that we make the mould in person, we know exactly what we want and how to do it right. It you do it yourself and send it away, you may not have done the mould exactly night and the veneers may not clip on properly or they might be a bit rattly.”

We visited Hollywood Cosmetics and filmed the process of fitting clip on veneers. Watch how easy it is in the video, below.

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