Maison Christian Dior Glasgow and La Colle Noire

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A few weeks back I stumbled across the most beautiful new Dior area in Fraser’s in Glasgow. Upon further investigation, I discovered this was the new ‘Maison Christian Dior’ – a stunningly lovely perfume bar.

It’s one of just a handful to open around the world,  and I will have more info on it early next year. Safe to say, if you want to buy someone a gift of perfume, then really, you need to head in here. The packaging is stunning, and the perfumes are just beautiful. I could have bought about four or five – the Patchouli Imperial is wonderful!


However, at £200 for these special collection scents, that might be a bit excessive! I was lucky enough to be gifted one of the scents, the stunning La Colle Noire. La Colle Noire Dior EDPInspired by a Chateau, acquired by Christian Dior in 1951, called La Colle Noire, in a town called Montauroux, not far from perfume Mecca, Grasse, this fragrance is a floral, more specifically, a woody, spicy rose. The Chateau La Colle Noire was a place Christian Dior adored to be – he planted trees and fragrant flowers, and today the house is faithfully preserved according to his vision, and identical Centifolia roses that have been replanted still bloom in the month of May. Master perfumer Francois Demachy built it around an intense, expressive and rich Rosa Centifolia Absolute. The fragrance has notes of rose, wood, amber, spice, and musk. It opens on a fruity note, thanks to the May Rose, and then you get a spicy hint of Madagascan Clove Essence. At the heart, there’s Gaiac, a highly potent spicy woody note, and at the dry down, you note the Sandalwood.

With the ‘La Colle Noire’ Perfume, I wanted to pay a tribute to a place that is important not only to the house of Dior, but to me, as the Pays De Fayence is a region I know very well. I wanted to express all of its warmth and beauty, as well as its ardou. It is a micro-valley where the mistral blow, and it either very hot, or very cold. The May rose is the fruit of all of this.  -François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

I have to say that I am a rose fan, and if you are, then you will adore this scent. it’s just beautiful – warm and rich, and has been complimented on every time I have worn it.

Yes, it’s expensive, but I adore perfume, and I think you can always tell the difference between an expensive scent, and a cheaper one. If you are a fragrance obsessive, then you need to get yourself to Fraser’s in Glasgow and give the Maison Dior perfume bar a sniff!