Benefit Complexionista

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Be a complexionista with Benefit’s latest palette – Complexionista! Benefit is fantastic at creating these palettes, and this one is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of highlighting and contouring.

It features some of Benefit’s best loved products – all in one place! And, the packaging is SO cute.

Cute Complexionista by Benefit

Inside you will find Boi-ing concealer, Hoola Bronzer, Holla Lite, Watt’s Up! Highlighter, and Dandelion Twinkle.

Benefit Complexionista contents!

This set is a fantastic gift for the Benefit gal this Christmas, with £43.24 worth of products costing just £26.50 in this one cute set.

And, of course, Benefit lay out exactly how to use this kit.  To cover up dark circles, blemishes and imperfections, pat on Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer with your fingertip. Next, sweep Hoola matte bronzer down the sides of your nose and beneath cheekbones and jawline to contour in seconds. Dust Hoola Lite all over the face, then pat and blend Watt’s Up cream highlighter along cheek and brow bones for a soft-focus highlight. Finally, layer Dandelion Twinkle powder highlighter on top for a luminous finishing touch.

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