Tom Ford Girls & Boys

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TOM Ford first launched his ‘Boys’ range of mini lipsticks a few years ago. It’s been relaunched once since, and now, it’s being relaunched again – and he’s added Girls to the mix.

In a time of gender fluidity, it seems Mr Ford likes to distinguish – in lip colours at least. These cute mini lipsticks come in so many shades and finishes, it’s almost impossible to choose one – unless it’s the name of you or your partner/friend/etc, I guess.

Tom Ford Boys A

The Boys is a decadent lip wardrobe of 50 vivacious shades. There are 24 cream finishes – with six new shades – look out for Magnus, Feedrico, Warren and  Alain. There are 16 sleek metallic finishes including Hiro, Tony, Roberto and Jake. And there are 10 matte finishes, including Dylan, Cristiano (I love this!), Anderson and Nicholas.

Tom Ford Boys B and C


I was given Michael from the press office – who knew Michael was a cute coral?!

As for the girls, well, there are 50 of them as well – in white packaging, in two ultra-moisturising finishes. There are 25 sheer formulas in shades named Lily, Isamaya  – a blue – and Romy, and 25 glossy, full coverage lips in Naomi, Isla and Violet. All are created to be worn alone, or layered.  There are neutral nudes and mauves, bold pinks, corals and rosy reds, and each lipstick is formulated with specially-treated pigments blended to deliver pure colour with just the right balance of luminosity.

Tom Ford MORE girls!

I love Nico, Zelda, and Lena  – a dark black, a bold fuchsia, and a shimmery aqua.

Tom Ford's Girls

And if you really feel like splashing out – or have more money than sense, from October you can buy all 50 Boys and all 50 Girls in sets – for a mere £1500 each!

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Lipsticks, available now, £29 each, from Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, and Fraser’s, Glasgow.