NEW Oud Wood Private Blends from Tom Ford

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I do love a Tom Ford fragrance. Gone are the days when the press office used to send me bottles of the stuff, but even the small lab samples are a treat to receive, and I will happily pay for Patchouli Absolu, Ombre de Hyacinth and Lavender Palm.

I adore these scents. So, I am always intrigued by new additions to the collection of Private Blend fragrances. These two are Oud Wood Intense and Tobacco Oud Wood. I have only had a sniff of the former, and I’m not sure. There’s also an Oud Minerale, but I don’t have details on that, I must have missed it.

Tom Ford's new Oud Wood Private Blends

Oud is a big favourite of Mr Ford.

I have wanted to revisit Oud for years; it is one of the most endlessly fascinating ingredients in a perfumer’s palette. For this collection, I explored how Oud could intertwine with other precious ingredients from the rich and storied culture and artisanal traditions of the Middle East – Tom Ford

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense introduces new dimensions of oud at its richest, most luxurious saturation along with key notes of Angelica roots, Ginger, Cypress, Juniper, Oud Wood, and Castoreum.

I have to say that I find this fragrance hugely reminiscent of the more peaty island Scotch whiskies, bizarrely. The oud at the heart smokes richly, and contrasts notes of davana juniper, and sag. There’s also moss, veticer and patchouli in there, and sandalwood and guaiac wood.

It’s a rich, heady scent, with a freshness, and that peaty, smoky scent is really intriguing.

I’ve not smelled Tobacco Oud Intense, but I expect it, too, is a smoky scent. Top notes of tobcco leaf and rare oud open the fragrance – theArabic tobacco is called  Dokha.

You’ll find raspberry in there, agarwood, tobacco dust absolute, tonka bean and sandalwood. The dry down reveals woody amber, cistrus absolute, patchouli and castoreum.
All Tom Ford’s Private Blends are unisex, and if you love heady, woody fragrances, with a fresh twist, then these are worth checking out.
Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Intense is exclusive to Harrods, and Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense EDP, is available on counters – in Scotland at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, and Fraser’s, Glasgow from October 6. They’re £210 each, 50ml.