KIKO Milano Asian Touch Isa Arfen Collection

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KIKO Milano are killing it with these 20th Anniversary collections, agreed? Affordable, luxe, cute, and on-trend – what’s not to love? The latest  – and fifth of seven – is Asian Touch, and has been designed by Serafina Sama, the young designer behind the label Isa Arfen.

It’s inspired by the the indelible charm of that ethereal and charismatic far eastern beauty which has an exterior expression of deeper well-being. It’s going to make you look, and feel, fabulous!

KIKO Milano Isa Arfen Collection

As with all these collections there are loads of products. For eyes the Asian Touch Holographic Eyeshadow Palette (£11.95) features full colour and holographic eyeshadows that can be used as a highlighter or as a top coat to transform the finish. There are two to choose from – 01 Signature Brown, and 02 Graphite Touch.

The Asian Touch Eyebrow Pencil (£5.95) is in Calligraphic Red to add bold, full colour to your brows. The Asian Touch Cushion Eyeliner (£7.95) is a cushion sponge black liquid eyeliner in a pot – in Ink Black – which you apply with an Asian Touch Eyeliner Brush, which is part of a chopsticks brush set (£10.95). The Asian Touch Eye Pencil (£5.95) comes in Traditional Beige, Oriental Bordeaux, and Ancient Black.

KIKO MIlano Isa Arfen Collection Eyes

For lips, surprise surprise, a matte liquid lipstick! The Asian Touch Matte Liquid Lipstick (£7.95) is ultra-matte with super intense colour and so easy to apply. It comes in three shades  – Plushy Red, Silky Burgundy, and Velvety Black – another black! There’s an Asian Touch Lip Pencil (£5.95) which comes in each of those three shades.

KIKO MIlano Asian Touch Lips

The Asian Touch Blush (£7.95) bursts with colour, and is super easy to blend after applying with the soft applicator tip. It comes in three shades – Aspirational Rose, Gestual Peach, and Ritual Magenta.

KIKO Milano Asian Touch Liquid Blush

Accessories in this collection are cute – a Tweezers Set (£9.95), a Silicone Sponge (£6.95), a Mirror (£6.95) and, of course, a pochette – this one  is black satin, and reflects the style of label Isa Arfen with its central knot inspired by a kimono knot.

And…there’s a sheet mask! The Asian Touch Perfecting Sheet Face Mask (£3.95) is made with 100% natural fabric extracted from bamboo. The unique texture evokes Asian rituals, and well, who doesn’t love a sheet mask?!

The KIKO Milano Asian Touch Collection is available from September at Kiko stores, and online at