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HD Brows burst onto the beauty scene in 2008 and since then have become a staple in every highly regarded salon. HD Brows is a high tech brow shaping treatment that can turn even the most overplucked 90s brows into sculpted stunners. To create HD Brows treatments, beauty therapists must have certified training in the procedure which involves seven steps of consulting, tinting, waxing, trimming, threading, tweezing and aftercare.

Beauty Boutique & Day Spa in Glasgow city centre are HD Brows experts. To demonstrate exactly how the process works, and the difference it can make to brows, owner Emma Birt carried out the treatment on our 5pm Head Creative Jen Berg. You can watch the amazing transformation in the video, below. Emma also answered a few of our HD Brows related questions:

Jen before HD Brows

Jen before HD Brows


Can you tell me a bit about the HD Brows process? You have to be specifically trained to do them, don’t you?

“That’s right. To be an HD Brow stylist you have to go on specialised training to learn how to bespoke the brow to the client’s needs. There is such a thing as a perfect brow and what we are aiming to do with HD brows is to get them to that stage. So we look at the client’s face shape, muscle tone, the thickness and colour of their hair – everything is all taken into account during their consultation.”

“The first consultation is quite thorough to make sure the client is going to get what they want. Then, once we work out what their desired result is, we manage their expectations and make sure we are going to get them to that stage. If we can’t get them to that stage in one treatment we’ll let them know it’s going to be two or three visits. Your first HD treatment normally takes around 40 minutes. After that, we would just book a maintenance appointment. Ideally, you would see someone every four to six weeks depending on hair growth.”

What’s the difference between HD Brows and a brow wax and tint?

“Hopefully you will see from the video below the amazing results you get from start to finish with HD Brows. A lot of it comes down to the training the beauty therapist has had. You have to do quite a lot of case studies before you become an HD brow stylist. You learn different techniques when you are tinting so you are able to achieve more depth to your tint. The colour match can also be different; we mix up a variation of different colours that can be left on for different times. We do seven steps to the perfect brow which includes contouring the face and eyebrow, waxing the brow, threading if we have to, trimming the brow and and applying makeup at the end. We also give clients step by step instructions on how to achieve the perfect brow. If they need to fill their brows in we show them how to at the end. It’s a long process and, in fairness, a lot different to just someone just going in for a brow wax and tint.”

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BU4PAnhaMQ&feature=youtu.be” width=”700″ height=”700″]

You mentioned before the “perfect brow.” What is the perfect brow?

“The perfect brow varies depending on the person. But ideally what you are looking for is a nice shape from the inner corner of your eye. Ideally you want the brow to break down into two thirds and a third over your eye to emphasise the shape of your eye. You want to have a nice arch on it, not too high, not too low. It gives shape and structure around the eye.”

Some people feel apprehensive about getting HD Brows done as they think they will be too dark. But that’s not always the case, is it?

Not at all. I would use something nearer to black for myself as I have such dark hair. But as you see from Jen in the video, she’s really fair. We have loads of clients in Beauty Boutique and Day Spa and we’ll ask each of them questions about their desired result. If someone is really fair we will mix the tint to suit that client. There are lots of different colours out there so it’s not just a case of putting on brown tint or putting on black tint. With the HD Brows training, we’re able to take the depth and warmth of the colour out and add cool tones if needed. So if the client’s hair is blonde or red, we can adapt the colour to suit that client.

HD Brows are £25 at Beauty Boutique & Day Spa when booked on 5pm Spa & Beauty

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