Jo Loves launch A Fragrance Paintbrush

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I’ve written about beauty for around 15 years, and trust me, there is a lot of repetition, plenty of ridiculous ‘innovations’ (vibrating mascara, anyone?!), but, sometimes, there’s a lightbulb moment – something that is totally new, and makes even the most experienced beauty maven’s eyes light up.

And who else but beauty legend Jo Malone MBE to create just one of those moments. Jo – the actual person, not the brand she sold to Estee Lauder back in the day, which was innovative in its day  – has done it again, with A Fragrance Paintbrush.

Jo Loves paintbrush perfume

One of my holiday reads is her autobiography, and she has a fascinating story. She has a passion for fragrance, and the woman who created Lime, Basil & Mandarin, and Pomegranate Noir, for the Jo Malone London brand – both of which are still the company’s best-sellers – has now created a new way to apply fragrance.

Fragrance painting with Jo Loves

(I have read a few blogs on this where people are mentioning a brush on powder fragrance from a brand called Byredo…but this is something completely different…)

It’s taken three years of inspiration and product development to get the product ready for its unveiling – and there is already a waiting list way into the thousands! And I have to say it’s a lot of fun.

Three years ago, I started using a paintbrush as part of the Fragrance taps experience and the reaction made me wonder ‘could I paint people with fragrance and could I change the way people applied scent? It was a crazy idea, but something caught my imagination and so, the journey began. Dozens of formulations and countless trials followed, until everything came together; from the newly formulated gel cologne, which holds the fragrance and dries in seconds, to the travel size brush that can go anywhere and everywhere with you – Jo Malone


This click pen comes in four Jo Loves scents – Pomelo, Geen Orange & Coriander, Red Truffle 21, and White Rose & Lemon Leaves.

Jo Loves A Fragrance Paintbrush Gel

You’re encouraged to think of your body as a canvas, and sweep the gel from head to toe; across your neck, up and down your arms and body; even down the back of your legs. Use it on the beach, the plane, out to dinner – anywhere!

It’s not huge – just 18ml, but it’s going to be a best-seller, right?

I hadn’t had a single sniff of Jo Loves until earlier this month, and I have to say it is beautiful. Pomelo was the first fragrance Jo created, inspired by holiday memories, and it is DELICIOUS! I have no hesitation popping it into my holiday beauty bag.

It’s a clean, fresh, grapefruit-infused scent with notes of Pink Pomelo, Rose, Vetiver, Clove, Suede and Patchouli.

It’s made up of my favourite holiday memories, and was inspired by holidays to Parrot Clay, in the Turks & Caicos. It’s the feeling of walking barefoot along the white beach collecting sand dollars, the fresh linen sheets in my room, and a glass of sparkling water with lots of crushed ice to cool me down – Jo Malone


Jo Loves is currently available in the Belgravia store – where you can have the Fragrance Tapas experience – as well as online, and on net-a-porter. It’s not available anywhere in Scotland, which is why I’ve never really had any experience of it before now -and I reckon I have missed out.

Bag of Jo Loves treats

It’s just lovely. Yes, it’s a luxury brand, with a luxury price (though not as expensive as some), but the packaging is utterly beautiful, and if you were to receive this as a gift …you would know you were loved!

Gorgeous Jo Loves

Of course there are beautiful scented candles – this one is Gardenia, and it is just lovely. I’m not the biggest floral fan, but this is divine. It is truly a vintage scent, and I am loving having a home office smelling so pretty!

Jo Loves Gardenia Candle

The Jo Loves A Fragrance Paintbrush launches on September 1, £40 for 18ml, at Jo Loves, 42 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9NZ, and