10 easy makeup tips from Mitchell and Macinnes Glasgow

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A city centre loft space with bright white walls and shiny wooden floors, Mitchell and Macinnes Makeup‘s studio looks it belongs in a Pinterest decor board.

Mitchell and MacInnes Makeup

Rhona Mitchell and Sarah Jane MacInnes have an uber stylish aesthetic which is reflected in the makeup looks they create. The photographs of previous clients that line their walls show flawless understated makeup with the odd pop of colour and none of the heavy handedness you often see from other makeup artists.

Mitchell and MacInnes Makeup FGlasgow

Rhona Mitchell and Sarah Jane MacInnes

With years of experience in creating bridal, magazine editorial and general occasion makeup looks, it’s fair to say Rhona and Sarah Jane know a thing or two about the art of makeup application. So we asked them to share with us their top makeup tips along with a glowing summer skin makeup tutorial which you can watch in the video, below.

1. First of all, look after your skin

“Make sure you exfoliate. Exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising is the key to having great make up. If you look after your skin your makeup will look amazing and last longer.”

Mitchell and MacInnes Makeup Glasgow

2. Cream eyeshadow is awesome

“Cream eye shadow sticks are the easiest thing ever to use because you just scribble them onto the lids and blend them in with your finger and there are so many  colours.”

3. Red lipstick is also awesome

“Red lipstick is a classic way to brighten up your face. There’s a red lipstick for everyone. Our favourite is the Bobbi Brown Harlow Red Art Stick. It’s like a big chunky crayon and it stays on your lips really well.”

4. Don’t overdo the highlighter

“With highlighter, less is more. For sure.”

5. Choose foundation for your skin type

“When choosing a foundation, always choose something that goes with your skin type. If your skin is oily don’t go for a moisturiser foundation. It’s not going to sit well on your skin as its not designed for your skin tone.”

Mitchell and MacInnes Makeup Glasgow

6. Trim false eyelashes

“If you are ever using fake lashes make sure to trim them. The key is to measure them on your own eyes, trim them up, then apply with a little bit of glue.”

7. If you don’t use corrector, start now

“Corrector is a very versatile product. It helps brighten under your eyes but you can also use it to conceal pigmentation, scarring or any darkness on your face. We always use corrector when we are doing makeup for a wedding or photo shoot. The Bobbi Brown correctors are the best – there’s no other brand on the market that has such a good range of colours for different skin tones.”

8. Bronzing makes an easy contour

“My advice to someone who doesn’t want to tackle contouring is to use a bronzer in the shape of a three. Take it across the forehead, the temples, the cheekbones, hit the ears as well, then along the jawline and down the neck. It’s a great way of adding dimension to your face and giving it a bit of shape without having to worry about contouring and highlighting. Bronzer is also useful in the summer if you’ve been using a higher factor sun protection on your face and neck and need to add some colour to match it to your body.”

Mitchell and MacInnes Makeup Glasgow

9. For brows, the natural look is best

9. “My advice to those have who overplucked their brows is to let them grow back and think about seeing a brow specialist to give you some advice. Pencils, powders and gels are a sure fire way to make your browns look natural rather than using a stencil.”

10. Mix budget and high end makeup products

“Budget makeup products we love are Maybelline waterproof mascara, Superdrug hydrating serum, NYX liquid liner and NYX micro brow pencils. However, we use a lot of high end makeup because people come to us to get their makeup done and we would rather use premium products. You wouldn’t want to turn up and see us using Rimmel because you could buy that yourself. You can go cheap with eye pencils and mascara but certain things like foundations, eyeshadows and skincare, you are going to see a better result for paying a bit more.”

Watch a Bronze Summer Makeup Tutorial from Mitchell and Macinnes Makeup

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXiwFQHhkaQ&t=7s” width=”700″ height=”700″]

From £25 for a full face of makeup application with lashes at Mitchell and Macinnes Makeup on 5pm Spa & Beauty