Jo Malone launch online magazine

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If you are a Jo Malone London fan, and a beauty blog fan, then this new launch is right up your street. The Talk of the Townhouse is the new online magazine from the fragrance brand.

Named after the beautiful Georgian townhouse in London’s Marylebone that is home to the company, the online magazine, much like a blog, gives an insight into the brand, and those who love it, and whom it loves!

Jo Malone launch online magazine

And they’ve launched it with a cute print copy which I was having a read of with breakfast yesterday!

This is a natural evolution for Jo Malone London and a beautiful opportunity for us to share out stories. We are delighted to welcome people into our world; a world with creativity, generosity, and hospitality at its heart – where British culture and talent inform everything we do – Jean-Guillaume Trottier, Global President, Jo Malone London

It’s live on the website now – at – and there are stories featuring the townhouse’s interior designer , Rose Uniacke, brand ambassador, Poppy Delvingne, and more – including fragrance-related horoscopes!

Okay, it’s not exactly Pulitzer-winning stuff – some of it is a wee bit light on content. (And I’m not entirely sure Poppy’s somewhat staged brunch is the least bit interesting.)  But we all need light relief, and this is perfectly tailored for that time when you just want to read about nice things, and have a wee look at how other people live.


It’s the idea now that people like to be completely immersed in a brand, and if Jo Malone London is your brand, then this will be a great little lunchtime or commute read, right?