Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle

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I have never washed my hair every day. Probably because I have dyed or bleached it since I was 14 – that’s 30+ years – and I want to avoid fade as much as possible. There’s a big debate on the haircare world just now about whether it is good for your hair or not. Hasn’t there always been a debate?

Who knows if it is, and who knows if leaving it for a week is better. It’s personal preference. If you do wash everyday, because you are exercising, or your hair is fine or your scalp is oily perhaps, you know that your hair might feel dry, be prone to breakage, and colour will fade more quickly.

Charles Worthington’s new Everyday Gentle range aims to solve these woes, whilst allowing you to wash every day if you want. The range comprises a Weightless Conditioner, Protective Detangling Mist, and the world’s first Micellar Shampoo to hit the high street.



Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle


A good shampoo and conditioner are the building blocks for healthy looking hair as they are responsible for nourishing hair, without weighing it down so that any style can be created. The new Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle range is perfect for those women who find that daily hair washing leaves their hair dry and vulnerable. This range will leave hair feeling protected, lightweight and more manageable, plus it smells amazing too. The Protective Detangling Mist has become a staple part of my kit as it gives invisible heat protection so you don’t even know it’s there. You’ve then got the perfect base to create any style. – Ken O’Rourke, Charles Worthington Ambassador

Let’s take a look at the three products in a bit more detail. The Everyday Gentle Micellar Shampoo (£5.99) takes the micellar trend to a whole new level – a gentle cleanser for hair that is so mild to hair and scalp, you can use it every day.  This sulphate, silicone and paraben free micellar shampoo works like a tiny magnet which effectively picks up impurities, pollution and grease from hair without stripping or weighing it down. The effective cleansing agents will ensure that colour treated hair is left feeling vibrant and protected, helping to prolong the life of your colour. The micellar technology also combines a naturally derived complex of Lychee and Lupine Seed extracts that strengthens and protects hair.

The Everyday Gentle Weightless Conditioner (£5.99) is called weightless for a reason. It has been specially
formulated for finer hair types to give fresh roots and silky soft ends without feeling weighed down. The ingenious conditioning system and hydrolysed Lupine Seed extract targets damaged parts of hair, rather than coating the whole hair, reducing breakage by 82%.

Finally, the Everyday Gentle Protective Detangling Mist (£5.99) contains lightweight silicone polymers which help detangle strands in both wet and dry hair, reducing breakage by 82%. This lightweight and gentle priming treatment also gives 230º thermal heat protection, ensuring that even the finest of hair is manageable and tangle free.Hair can become tangled when the cuticles are damaged so it needs a lubricant to reduce friction between hair shafts and brushes.

The NEW Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle range is available from March, from Boots and