Bobbi Brown Remedies

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January seems to be a month when everyone wants to ‘fix’ things – their bodies, their ambition, their personalities even. To fix anything you need a remedy and Bobbi Brown has just that if it’s a beauty issue you want to address.

Bobbi launches her Remedies collection to help with various skin issues we might want to fix.


Inspired by her holistic approach to beauty, Bobbi Brown Remedies is a collection of six treatments that target specific complexion concerns to enhance skin’s overall health, instantly and over time. From severe dehydration to irritation and to problem skin, Remedies addresses a range of skin concerns and offers a comprehensive approach to achieving healthy, beautiful skin.

Remedies can be used individually or layered with skincare and foundation for fully customised skin solutions.

There are five little bottles and one tin, all old-school apothecary style, and each tailored to a specific concern.

Skin Reviver No91 Power Greens Ferment, Skin Moisture Solution No86 Intense Rehydration Compound, Skin Fortifier No93 Strength and Recovery Tonic, Skin Relief No80 Calming Red Algae Complex, Skin Clarifier No75 Pore & Oil Control, and Skin Salve No57 Restoring Treatment are the Remedies.

I’ve tried the Skin Salve, made from  Shea Butter, Beeswax, Turmeric extract, and Licorice extract, which aim to act as a sort of breathable “skin bandage” to protect, soften, and restore.

It has helped soothe my psoriasis, and it has been created to nourish severely irritated, dry, or damaged skin. Skin Salve can be used alone or applied on top of other skincare solutions, including other Remedies, without disrupting their efficacy. Use at night for optimal healing.

Bobbi Brown Remedies are all £29.50, and available now at Bobbi locations and