Jaguar Pace EDT

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Men are hard to buy for, right? It’s a bit of a chore sometimes, trying to find the perfect gift for the husband/lover/partner/brother/dad in your life. Or is it? What man doesn’t like a brand new bottle of fragrance?Okay, it’s not that inspired, but it’s actually a great gift.

The new Jaguar Pace EDT is perhaps not the new Jaguar F-Pace car it has been inspired by, but it’s a start, right?! And this lovely fragrance has actually been inspired by the car.

Top perfumers, Alexandra Monet and Philippe Romano from Drom Perfumery, Paris are responsible for transforming the magic of a car into a fragrance.


We imagined the fragrance of warm, damp asphalt after light summer rain: an aromatic and mystical aroma,” says Alexandra.”Jaguar Pace is a very mysterious fragrance, which is both modern and classical, fresh and warm, clean and sexy.”

I know nothing about cars – and I really do mean nothing, I’m one of those ‘is it blue’ people – so I have had to Google Jaguar F-Pace to see what it looks like. And, yep, it’s a car!

So, let’s get back to the fragrance, because I do know fragrance, and I do love men’s fragrances more than women’s most of the time.

This scent blends strong black pepper, fresh green apples and aromatic rosemary in the top notes. It also contains the heady fragrance compound, Cashmeran, as Alexandra explains: “We chose this raw material as the most important ingredient, because we love its duality. It is very complex in character; it is a woody amber element with a spicy, almost peppery, fresh head note. It also provides a mineral element in the fragrance composition.”

The heart of the fragrance also blends aromatic lavender and luxurious orris, and the base notes are classic woody aromas, amberwood, patchouli and Crystal Moss.

I really love this fragrance, and I would wear it. It’s not too masculine, and has a really rich, warm scent, perfect for the winter months. In saying that, there is still that ‘men’s fragrance freshness’ to it, if you know what I mean!

I’m not sure I love the bottle, which is all about the car – it’s grey and blue glass, with a similar bold silhouette to that of the new car and is complimented by the blue-tinted perfume.

The compact base is covered with a sophisticated lattice design reminiscent of the famous Jaguar radiator grill (apparently!). The centre of the bottle is emblazoned with a shiny round silver insignia with the unmistakable brand sign of the legendary cat.

Jaguar Pace EDT 60ml, £28, and 100ml, £44, available now, at Marks and Spencer, and

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