Get Fully Loaded with TIGI Bedhead

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VOLUME is where it’s at with hair. We all seem to want our hair to be bigger and bigger, and it’s not that hard these days with a plethora of volumising and thickening products on offer. The latest I’ve had a look at is the new Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded range.

Addressing the growing trend for messy styles with a sense of looseness and rough, textured volume. Designed with the trendsetter in mind, all four products have been designed to give your hair the biggest boost possible!

So, start with the Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo (£12.95) and Volumizing Conditioning Jelly (£14.95) to create the perfect foundation for big, bold hair, whether you’re looking for thickness and body, or tousled texture.As you wash, the shampoo releases its innovative, active volume “Uploader’ technology onto the hair to create lift that you can see and feel. This technology forms micro-points on the hair fibre which create friction and allow you to get more control on the brush when blow drying. This in turn helps to create additional volume, and the hair doesn’t feel thick and full when its dry.

BedHead Tigi Volume Fully Loaded

Apparently, Tigi have included ‘visco-elastic’ properties in this technology which give the hair ‘volume memory’ so that a volumised style created in the morning is remembered throughout the day. Clever! Apparently bonds formed between the fibres, which, when broken, can be reformed. This means if your hair starts to drop due to heat, humidity or just gravity, all you need to do is push it back up into style and rebuild the shape. Simple!

The Fully Loaded Volumizing Conditioning Jelly is loaded with fibre-thickening technology,  and thisn uniquely textured conditioner absorbs into hair quickly and easily, swelling the actual fibres, making them fatter and thicker but without compromising on conditioning power or weighing the hair down.
After this, the styling products to use are Big Head Volume Boosting Foam (£16.95), an innovative mousse/texture-cream hybrid, whcih contains a priming agent which forms a film around hair fibres. The lightweight and non-sticky foam also contains a unique Moisture Complex which conditions the hair and helps it to retain moisture, leaving it feeling flexible, soft and crunch-free.

Finally, use Full of It Volume Finishing Spray (£14.50). Containing style locker and hold-boosting technologies, it has adhesive properties which create strong bonds between hair fibres to provide firm, flexible hold, so you can keep it up all night!

My clients always want to recreate the volume they receive in salon at home, and it can be very difficult to achieve without the right products,” says TIGI UK Creative and Education Director, Phillip Downing, “The Fully Loaded range by Bed Head answers clients’ needs in a shampoo and conditioner, and allows them to accentuate the results with the superstar styling products. At-home volumising really could not be any simpler.”

So, there you go – and I love the hashtag #MakeItMassive for this collection!

TIGI Bed Head Fully Loaded collection is available now from stockists nationwide. Visit the website for more info