Lottie Tomlinson and Nails Inc

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Lottie Tomlinson is the sister of One Direction’s Louis, but you knew that, right? She’s 17, and is already a model, makeup artist, youtube sensation, and influencer, with a massive social media following.

So, it’s no surprise brands want to work with her, and her collaboration with Nails Inc on their spray-on nail polish is a perfect fit.Nails Inc Lotte Tomlinson gold spray nails

Lottie’s first collaboration with the brand on their Paint Can range is Good as Gold, a perfect summer metallic for hiolidays, festivals, club nights, and gigs. It’s instant bling on your nails with just one application.

I’ve never tried these spray on nail polishes, but Nails Inc seem to be on to something, with more shades added all the time. You can now get Paint Can in Porchester Place, Mayfair Lane, Mayfair Market and Covent Garden Place.

But Good As Gold is the one you want right? And here’s Lottie to explain why…

I love this gold shade as it compliments my neutral brown make-up looks this summer, the good as gold name, shows my cheeky side a little bit. You can wear this colour and look as if you’re good as gold, even if you’re not, haha!,” she says. “I like to mix my nail colour up and by using my shade over the top of any nail colour or acrylics, gives a quick fix. Sick!

And here’s how to use it:

STEP 1: Apply Paint Can’s Best Friend 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top coat and allow to dry. Please note – this step is not optional!
STEP 2: shake the Paint Can and spray the polish onto the nail in short, sharp, bursts from a distance of 10-15cm (just don’t forget to cover the surface beneath your hands).
STEP 3: using warm soapy water or a cleansing wipe, wash away any excess polish from the skin and cuticles.
STEP 4: for a longer-lasting finish, apply top coat.
STEP 5: admire your flawless fingertips!

Nails Inc Lottie Tomlinson Good as Gold Paint Can is available from July 15, online at nailsinc.com, £10.