Rituals The Ritual Of Karma

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Karma. Now there’s thing. Be good, and the good will come back, say Rituals on their latest Ritual of Karma range. According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts good karma. I love the colour of this range almost as much as the scent.

Rituals Karma shower

The gorgeous aqua green is super stylish. The scent, white lotus and bergamot is lovely – floral and fresh. This collection has all the usual fab Rituals products – including my favourite Foaming Shower Gel . Although I do love the Shower Oil as well. Decisions!

Rituals Karma Body

Follow your shower choice with the Sugar Body Scrub a couple of times a week to refine your skin, ad then apply the Shimmering Body Cream. There also a lovely Bed & Body Mist for spritzing on yourself and your bed linen.

Rituals Karma fragrance sticks

You can add the scent to your home withthe lovely Scented Candle, or the Fragrance Sticks if those are your preference, and then my favourite – the Garden Sticks!

Rituals Karma Candle

Hoe fab are these?! You get ten in a box. Take your lovely scent into the garden with you. This beautiful Limited Edition range is perfect gift-giving stuff, isn’t it? I’d be thrilled to receive any of these lovely products.

Rituals Karma Garden Incense Sticks

Rituals The Ritual of Karma range, prices from £8.50 to £25.50, from selected department stores, and rituals.com