Master Your Mascara with New CID Cosmetics

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We all wear mascara, right? Applying it is like second nature, most likely, but are you making the most of your mascara? Are you applying it properly? You might think you are, but we’ve asked an expert to give us the mascara masterclass.

The low-down on how to get the most from your mascara, from New CID Cosmetics Brand Ambassador, James McKnight.

The New CID i- FLUTTER mascara is his mascara of choice, of course, so he’s cleverly matched his tips to the letters of Flutter. Over to James.


Full-on flutter? Then apply mascara to top and bottom lashes for a defined and ‘open’ eye look. Avoid mascara on the bottom lashes if they are sparse and short as this only highlights the sparsity and can look ageing.


Lift and curl lashes by placing the wand on top of your lashes at the roots and brush through, turning the wand towards you as you work towards the tip. This will encourage the lash to curl back on itself like a gift ribbon.


Upward strokes along the lash line if your eyes are hooded. This creates a wider and more open look to the eyes.

New CID Flutter Mascara


Thicker fuller, lash? Place the thumb of your free hand on your brow bone and pull your lid up slightly. This will allow you to get right into the roots of your lashes. Look down into your mirror and place the wand in at the roots and wiggle slightly.


Try other shades of mascara to experiment with different looks:

Black – a classic, elegant, defined effect, which can be built from natural to dramatic.

Blue – use alone on the lashes for a more striking effect or apply just to the tips over black mascara for a soft hint of colour. Blue works brilliantly on brown eyes, offering a more amber hue to the eyes.

Plum – a great alternative to brown mascara. Brown can make the eyes looks tired (I’m not sure I agree with James here, considering Bette Davis wore brown mascara. Did her eyes look tired?!). A plum shade can enhance any eye colour.


Ensure lash separation on the bottom lashes by pointing the mascara wand upwards and passing along your lashes in a side to side motion. Use only the tip of the wand for maximum control. For the top lashes brush the wand slowly through your lashes in a straight line – the wand will do the work for you, depositing an even distribution of mascara, from root to tip. Avoid building up product on the tips of your lashes if you find they lose curl during the day –  just reapply to the root only.


Remember these mascara rules!

Apply to bottom lashes first to avoid spotting on upper lid if you start with the top.

Never ‘pump’ the mascara. This introduces air to the tube, and your mascara dries out faster.

Don’t remove mascara smudges straight away. Wait for smudge to dry, then rotate a clean, dry cotton bud over it to lift it away cleanly.

Replace your mascara every three months to avoid the risk of infection, and to ensure your mascara always performs at its very best


New CID Cosmetics i-flutter mascara, in black, blue or plum, £19, available from,,