St Tropez Tan Finder App

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St Tropez have launched a ‘tan finder’ app which aims to help you choose the right tan for you- and you get 10% off your purchase when using it. It’s actually really simple to use, you just click through a few screens, and it recommends a product.

It’s fun for avid fans, and first-time tanners, and helps you understand the huge choice of tans that St Tropez has on offer. Fake tanning is such a huge thing these days (and according to Euromonitor research is forecast to grow 13% by 2018), there are more than enough products out there to confuse you!

St Tropez’s research has shown that 45% of online purchases within the luxury sector are directly influenced by some interaction first had in the digital environment – on the web, or on social media or apps. Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel in the world, and beauty is the fastest growing category on it, so it makes sense that you can access the app from the St Tropez instagram account.



So how does the Tan Finder work? As an online web app, available via the St.Tropez website and promoted social posts, you just navigate through it, answering three short image-led questions to help you find the right product for your desired look.

Steps of the St Tropez Tan Finder App

Then based on the information provided and a unique algorithm, the ultimate St.Tropez product is recommended for you, appropriate to your needs and occasion, along with a click to buy link. You can also watch videos and share on social media.

I had a go, and it was easy, my recommended tan, for a year round glow, natural and sunkissed, with a few days time to do it in, was their Gradual Tan Tinted Lotion.

Gradual Tan for me!