New Gradual Tanner and BB Body from St Tropez and Ambre Solaire

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Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not very good with fake tan. I actually don’t really like having a tan. Am I allowed to say that in 2016?!

It seems that we’re all obsessed with a golden glow, and looking ‘sunkissed’ and as a beauty writer and editor, yes, I talk about fake tan a lot. I can’t exactly ignore the zeitgeist. However, my days of trialling every tan under the sun are well and truly behind me. I have no desire ever to step back into a tanning booth (but I most likely will at some point, I know).

BUT…there are now tanning products out there for fake tan haters like me. The latest, from tanning Gods, St Tropez, is the Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion (£15, Boots, Superdrug, is good, I like it, I really do!

I think it’s because I can see it when I apply it, and it doesn’t appear overnight; it really is gradual. It’s also hydrating, and so it can easily be used in place of your regular body moisturiser. It instantly gives you a luminous touch of bronze, and it builds to a natural looking tan.

St Tropez Tinted Gradual Tan

You can apply this daily, until you get the look you want, and the secret ingredient is these silicone cosmetic powders which blur imperfections, and illuminate the skin, evening out skin tone, whilst the tan develops.

Creating hyper-real, perfect looking skin is now so easy using St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion – which is the next generation in tanning,” says Jules Heptonstall, St Tropez Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert. Apply in the mornings in place of your usual body moisturiser and build up over areas such as shoulders and shins to highlight and elongate, then buff, buff, buff. For me this is an everyday essential; its blurring technology minimises imperfections. It provides a top coat of cosmetic bronzer to add an instant glow and at its core, the gradual tan result is a natural-lo0king golden glow. What’s not to love?”

Jings, he makes it sound a bit much for me, but really it’s not – just slap it on, moisturise it in, wash your hands and go!


Or, you could try Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Body Bronzer (£7.99, Boots). This is fab. A 5-in-1 ‘body perfector’ this stuff gives you an instant golden tan, evens skin tone, gives 24 hour moisturisation, smoothes imperfections, and softens skin. And it washes off!

Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Body

I love a wash-off tan. It’s not greasy, it’s easy to apply, and the shade, which I know won’t suit everyone, suits me. Use as little, or as much as you like, depending how tanned you want to look.

What’s your favourite type of fake tan?