Oils, oils, oils

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It’s all about oils in beauty of late. For the last few years beauty oils have become more and more mainstream – and in more and more products. The latest to land on my desk is Smashbox’s Primer Oil, which might be a step too far – but more on that later.

Oils for the face, for lips, for hair, for body – there’s an oil for everything now, it seems, and that’s no bad thing. Suitable for all skins, contrary to popular belief, oils are actually brilliant for the skin, easily absorbed, in so many formats now, and always innovative.

Oils, oils, oils...


I’ve gathered together a few oils that I have been trying out recently, so let’s have a look at them in more depth, starting with that Smashbox Primer Oil (£28, smashbox.co.uk). This is called a Primer Oil, but it is actually so much more than that. Smashbox say we should think: 50% primer, 50% oil. It’s made for a blend of 15 essential plant oils (including Jojoba, Arabica and Argan), and should be applied after your skincare, before your makeup.

Smashbox Primer Oil

It does seem odd to prime makeup with an oil, I have to say, and you do have to let this absorb before you apply your makeup. Don’t use a lot – that’s the key. Apparently it was created because of the Smashbox Studios makeup artist’s love for facial oil, and the brand’s signature primers. It seemed natural to create a hybrid.

The hydration in this primer oil can literally transform the texture of your skin,” said Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist. “It is so versatile – I add it to concealer to thin it out, to a tinted moisturiser or mix a drop with loose powder blush for a touch of natural warmth.

As well as this, you can try it on split ends, cuticles, elbows and even your collarbone for a dewy sheen. It does give you that dewy look – so not for those who love a matte finish.


Zelens have just launched the rather lovely Lip Treatment Oil (£40, zelens.com) which tastes so delicious that I can’t help licking it off – not a good thing! There are nine oils in this little bottle, including Argan, Borage, Wild musk rose, Jojoba, Red palm, Cotton seed and linseed,as well as Squalane and Shea butter.

Zelens Lip Treatment Oil

It also contains two potent peptides that stimulate natural collagen production and lip repair. As well as all of this there are vitamins A and E, Hyaluronic Acid, and various other botanical ingredients. This little bottle is jam-packed full of goodies that are fab for your ;lips.

Use under lipstick or alone, and apply at night for intense treatment.


Australian organic brand Inika have two new facial oils – Pure Rosehip Oil (£16) and Enriched Rosehip Oil (£20), inika.co.uk. The 100% pure rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and beta-carotene.

It will help nourish and hydrate your skin, and is a fantastic repair oil. It can help diminish the appearance of scars, redness and stretch marks, restore flaky skin and reduces post acne inflammation as well as assisting in the prevention of the initial outbreak of acne Inika Rosehip Oilsaltogether.

For normal to combination/problem skin, use as aprimer before makeup, or just daily or nightly.

The enriched version is an anti-ageing elixir, with Kakadu Plum, An anti-ageing elixir enriched with four native Australian extracts and powerful anti-oxidants, INIKA Enriched Rosehip Oil is 95% certified organic.

An intensive treatment, it helps to reduce signs of premature ageing, such as fine lines and pigmentation. The enriched formula is enhanced with Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C and known for centuries for its anti-ageing and healing properties.

This is enhanced by Quandong (an Australian desert fruit), Lillipilli (a plant with edible fruit) and Crown of Gold (a native rainforest tree). These ingredients create an oil proven to restore skin cells, rejuvenate the skin and visibly reduce the skins of ageing.

Works best for dry and very dry skin – my kinda product! It can also brighten the skin and reduces the appearance of sun spots and redness. This oil is lovely, and one I have just added to my skincare routine (which now has about a dozen products in it…!)

Andhere’s an extra wee tip from Inika for oils – smooth over your eyebrows to soften coarse brow hairs to help with manageability. Who knew?



Creme de la Mer’s The Renewal Oil (£155, cremedelamer.co.uk) has been a skin-saviour for me this winter. Read my original review from November here. It’s fantastic. It is ridiculously expensive, but it lasts for, I’d guess, around 12 months, so when you work out the ‘per month’ cost, it doesn’t seem so extravagant at all – around £12 a month.

Creme de la Mer The Renewal Oil

I mix it every day with my moisturiser, and I have seen the dry patches of skin I am normally plagued with all winter (and other times of the year too) just disappear. I don’t recall the last time I felt a dry patch on my forehead. You can, of course, use this oil for many other things – it’s very much multi-purpose, a blend of Creme’s Miracle Broth, and various ferments, there’s much more about it in my original review. I’ve also enjoyed using this oil in the ends of my dry hair.


Korres celebrate 20 years with a new facial oil – the  Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Face Oil (£30, marksandspencer.co.uk).

Infused with real rose petals, the Greek skincare brand has reinvented its first apothecary beauty elixir – the Wild Rose Oil – to honor its original precious extract. This new oil is boosted with Super C which increases skin’s Vitamin C absorption by 10 times, and maximizes the brightening effect. Clinical studies for Super C, record its contribution in the regulation of the factors that influence the uniformity of skin tone.

Korres Wild Rose Facial Oil

This oil works on three levels – brightening, nourishing and as an antioxidant. It contains Apricot and sunflower oils, moisture-boosting porvitamin B5 and antioxidant, Physalis Angulata extract. It has a 94.5% natural content as is free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones and more. It does have actual rose petals in it, and little bits do get inside the dropper, so beware when applying. It has a shelf-life of just six months, so make sure you use it once open! I absoutely love the scent of this oil, and it feels silky smooth on the skin.

Another newly-launched Korres oil is their Black Pine Advanced Firming, Nourishing & Anti-wrinkle oil (£45, marksandspencer.co.uk) – I think the name tells you what this one does. Again, it smells delicious, and smoothes on, and disappears into the skin.

Korres Black Pine Oil

This oil contains 12 key active ingredients for owerful anti-ageing. It does these things: replenish skin lipids, restore skin volume, reshape facial contour, firms, instantly lifts, nourishes, moisturises and brightens, improves skin elasticity, repairs wrinkles.

And it does all of that thanks to ingredients like Black Pine Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, and Almond Oil. Then there’s things like Apple Seed Extract, Soya Beans and WEild Yam Extract Complex, and good old Vitamin C. The oil is the latest in the Black Pine anti-ageing skincare line, from Korres. I can’t say it’s great or not, I’ve only used it a couple of times, but it is a natueal product, great for all skin types, very good for dry skin, and great as an overnight treatment.


I think the beauty of beauty oils is their versatility. They can do a whole host of things, for various areas of your face and body. It’s all about using the right oil, using the right amount of it, and using it well. Which beauty oils are your favourites?