Darphin latest to launch cleansing brush

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These cleansing brushes are a proper’ thing’ now, right? If you don’t already have one, or are looking for a new one, then check out the latest – from Darphin, launching in April.

It’s called the L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert. Catchy, right? Can you imagine the meeting where they came up with that one?! Anyway, regardless of its rather long name, it’s actually a very good brush – and you are getting two-for-one in a sense, as it comes with a cleansing head AND a massage head.

Darphin L'Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert

Pierre Darphin, the brand’s founder, was a kinesiotherapist, and when he opened his Paris institute in 1958 that meant he used a lot of intensive facial ‘devices’ in his skincare treatments. So, this brush is inspired by the history of the brand.

It’s been designed to give you a comprehensive two-minute facial at home, to increase mosture in the skin, improve texture, and improve smoothness.

The cleansing head cleanses, detoxes and purifies the skin, thanks to its 42,000 supple bristles with diamond-polished, rounded ends to ensure it is gentle, yet effective.  Within the bristles are six green nubs whose vibrations are designed to replicate the circulation-boosting massage of the ‘magic fingers’ at L’Institut Darphin!

Darphin's Cleansing brush

The smooth steel massage head is ergonomically sculptured in a star pattern to work in synergy with the natural facial muscle structure. It will refesh and smooth skin on contact, helping relax facial muscles, stimulate microcirculation, and smooth fine lines.

Use the cleansing head with a cleanser of your choice, either applied to the head, or to the skin, and use the massage head with a pearl-sized amount of cream, applied to the head. As with all of these devices, less is more. You don’t brush away here – you simply let the device do the work, for the recommended time  – which is just one minute with this brush.

It’s a thing of pale green beauty, this brush, and the bristles are so soft, it’s hard to imagine how it cleanses. To celebrate the launch of this brush, the beauticians at L’Institut Darphin Vendome in Paris have developed a 30-minute discovery treatment based on the sonic facial ritual which will be offered in Darphin spas nationwide.

The Darphin L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert is £125, and available from April at locations, and darphin.co.uk