Girl Meets Brush

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This is an interesting new concept from makeup artist Lynne Mills (co-creator of the Miss Flicklash lashes – eyelashes with a liner flick – which are now made by Eyelure). Essentially, it’s makeup brushes, but, with a twist – buy the brushes AND the expertise, in actual, real-life, form.

Girl Meets Brush makeup

Lynne’s aim for her new venture – Girls Meets Brush – is simple – to bring a set of good quality, and essential, brushes, for everyone, from you and me, to the professional makeup artist. Lynne’s clients have regularly told her that they don’t know what brushes they need, or how to use them.

So, her solution is simple. A top line of brushes, a ‘Pro Expert Team’ of specialists providing brush lessons, and online tutorials. The specialist one-to-one lessons are currently only available in Scotland, and the online tutorials won’t be available until Spring, but this month the brand has launched on Kickstarter allowing you to buy the brushes with discounts of between 20-40%, as part of their Valentine’s ‘Share The Love’ campaign.

Girl Meets Brush Valentine's Kickstarter

“I came up with the idea as so many clients tell me they don’t really know what to do with their brushes or what ones to choose!,” says Lynne. “I decided to create a set of essential brushes that took the main elements of what the everyday  woman would want, to what a professional would use – with the option to also include a lesson with one of our Pro Experts, something that quickly developed in to being made available online.

Girl Meets Brush brushes

“What makes this concept even more unique is that our ‘Pro Expert Team’ is a great opportunity for make-up artists to come together as a collective, share work, recommend and support one another. We are selecting only some of the best make-up artists from around the UK to be
involved; those that demonstrate great talent, expert knowledge, professionalism as well as a great brand themselves as a make-up artist.”

I have tried the brushes, and they are really nice, but there is one issue that I must point out, I like my makeup brushes marked with what they are for, so it makes it easy for me to see when I pick them up, and these aren’t, so you have to memorise, refer to the website, or guess!

Shiny Girl Meets Brush brushes

There are various sets at different prices to choose from. An essential 12 piece brush sets costs from £44.99 to £69.99, and that  set with an online tutorial, will be priced from £59.99 to £84.99, and the set with a face-to-face tutorial,will cost from £109.99. Individually, the brushes cost between £4.99 and £14.95.Find out more on