Estee Lauder's New Dimension Phase 2

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Last September Estee Lauder launched their New Dimension transformative collection – and now comes New Dimension Phase 2. The hashtag for this collection is #BestAngle, and it’s all about shapes and angles – empowering women to transform and define their appearance, without fillers, surgery, etc.

The original products included a serum, a liquid tape, and sculpting and contouring kits.  Next month sees the launch of three new products to the line, New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System, Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment and Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment.

These innovative formulas target specific areas to create more defined-looking contours for a multifaceted visible transformation.

The Firm & Fill Eye System (£62) is the main product here, helping your eyes look brighter, more lifted and contoured. It’s a two-step thing, firming and filling. So, you start with the top pot, and this light gel helps tighten and tone eye area. It’s formulated with Estée Lauder’s advanced pro-collagen complex, and it feels tightening when you apply. You can use this day and night.

Estee Luader New Dimension Firm+Fill Eye System

Step 2 is the powerful part of the duo, formulated with Shaping Technology, it has light-diffusing optics to immediately smooth the look of the eye area. But, used together, over time, the delicate eye area’s texture becomes smoother, the look of ‘crepiness’ diminishes and the eye area looks firmer and strengthened.

You pat this part into any fine lines. I have to say it does feel quite odd, but it really does smooth the area. I think this little eye duo is well worth the money.

The New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment (£34) is for a more contoured lip area; smoother, more hydrated and plumped. Again it’s a two-step thing – the first part is the Expert Filler, this serum helps define the lip contour area, with those ligh-diffusing optics, and it also contains this pro-collagen complex, and Shaping Technology.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Plump+Fill Expert Lip Treatment

Step 2 in this one is the Expert Plumper! It’s an ultra-conditioning treatment balm, which will plump, moisturise, and smooth away any dry, flaky skin. Apply the serum day and night, and the balm when needed, before your lipstick.

I have to admit I always forget lip treatments, and I am not a balm fan, so this one isn’t on my musthave list.

Finally, it’s a neck thing. The New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment (£70), for firmer, smoother skin. You neck does show signs of ageing, so anything that helps with this area is great. It’s just that extra product in the skincare routine that sometimes is a pain in the proverbial. This cream is a very luxurious, silky formula, which helps fight gravity (we hope!). It comes with this massage tool which energises the skin.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Tight + Tone Neck-Chest Treatment

That Shaping Technology helps support skin’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid, filaggrin and lipids, which helps restore a naturally fuller and more plumped look. That pro-collagen complex is in there again, and other powerful skin strengtheners which help restore skin’s elasticity and strength for a firmer, denser, more lifted look.

So, how do you use this one? Well, you should apply the treatment generously over the neck and chest area, with your fingertips, morning and night. Apply treatment generously over neck and chest area using fingertips in the morning and at night. Next, you use the massage tool, with these three moves.

  1. Start at the centre of the chest, glide up one side of the neck under the chin, then back to the ear, then down to the collarbone. Repeat twice on both sides of the neck.
  2. Sweep back and forth across the upper chest in a shallow ‘smile’ shape.
  3. Finish by sweeping in a curving ‘V’ shape from one shoulder to the other, dipping down in the centre, then back.

And that’s it!

Estee Lauder New Dimension Skin Contouring Collection new products are  available from Estee Lauder counters nationwide, and, from February