Accessorize Sweet Lotus Collection

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This Accessorize Sweet Lotus collection seems an odd one to launch in November, but really, when you think about it, it’s nice to have something floral and fresh at this time of year, yeah?

And this lovely collection is aimed at travel – so time to daydream about long summer nights, high temperatures, and gorgeous beaches. That’s a daydream I love at any time of year.

This collection makes great little Christmas gifts. It’s fun, quirky and colourful, and is packaged in lovely tins and bags, with carabiners -which I have learned is the fancy name for clips…!

The scent has seductive notes of midnight blooms of white blossom and darky lily, on a zen-like base of amber and smoky musk, blended with sweet orange essential oil. The products are formulated with natural extracts of coconut, olive and argan oil with shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E and cocoa butter, containing natural extracts, no sulphates or parabens.

I love the Bath Petals in a box (£10), so cute, and that perfect little extra gift for a beauty fan.

Sweet Lotus Accessorize Bath Petals

The Ultimate Travel Collection in PVC Wash Bag (£15) contains four 100ml size products – shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner, all in  gorgeous bag.

Accessorize Sweet Lotus Travel Set

If it’s hands you want to care for there is a Hand Cream in Carton (£8), which contains hydrating shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, cocoa butter and coconut oil, or you might want to gift someone the Travel Hand Creams (£8), which is  three 30ml hand creams in carton with one of those  aluminium carabiners! Clip the cream on to your bag, keys, belt, wherever!

Sweet Lotus at Accessorize

There’s a Lip Balm (£5), with a subtle tint and formulated with protective beeswax, hydrating coconut oil and cooling menthol. The Bathing Duo (£10) contains two 100ml products – one shower gel and one body lotion.

Gorgeous products that will lift you out of any winter blues! Available now, from Accessorize.