Smith & Cult Nails

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There is so much to love about this new nail polish brand I’ve recently discovered. New to me,and new to Space NK in the UK this August, Smith & Cult is from the US team behind the beauty brand, Hard Candy – remember that?!

Hard Candy was/is a pretty cool cult brand, so it’s no surprise that Smith & Cult is about as cool as it gets when it comes to nail polish, I’d say. In fact, there is so much about this brand that I love, I don’t know where to start.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish @ Space NK

Okay, I’ll begin with the actual polish because that’s what counts the most, right?! It gives amazing coverage, there are so many colours to choose from, and it is an exclusive five-free formula. That means it is formualted without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toulene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. A lot of polishes are now three-free, and some are also five-free, but many of them are difficult to work with. Obviously being free of any ‘nasties’ is a good thing, but the formula still has to work.

With two coats of this polish (I used Psycho Candy, because we used to call one of my old cats, Candy, that on many occasions!), my nails looked shiny, and well covered, and chipping over the next few days was minimal.

As for the packaging, it’s just lovely. Yes, its not the most practical to use, but you get used to it, and there is a perfectly ergonomic little thumb dent in the lid for holding it. The brush is long and thin, which is old-school, but for me perfect – it works brilliantly with the three stroke method I was taught at beauty school all those years ago!

Finally, there’s the ‘product philosophy’ which is the marketing behind the brand, and it’s very clever. The Diary of a Beauty Junkie is the concept, and each shade is representative of and inspired by the experience depicted by the brand heroine in her diary entries. For example, take Dirty Baby – see the story in the images below. I love it.

Smith & Cult Dirty Baby Diary Entry

Mild Sugar Reaction with Smith & Cult!

Yes, it’s hipster nonsense, but it’s a lot of fun, agreed?! And the Smith & Cult Nail polishes are fab. There are 33 essential colours and styles of polish, with an edited glitter collection included – we all need glitter!

For Christmas, there are two special gift sets. Created by brand founder Dineh Mohajer, the Christmas gifts are inspired by her love of music, beauty, art, fashion and her interpretation of the A/W 15 trends.

The first, Vegas Teen Dream, contains Teen Cage Riot, Bang The Dream, and Vegas Post Apocalyptic, three muted party shades of silver, grey and pink, all metallic and shimmery.

SMith & Cult Nails Christmas Sets

Or you might prefer Kundalini Lovers Souls, which is made up of Kundalini Hustle, Shattered Souls and Lovers Creep, a scarlet red, a gold glitter, and a deep winter burgundy/red. I love this set.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish is £18, and available in the UK at Space NK. The Christmas gift sets are £47 each (which is a decent saving on buying three full price polishes.)