Thicker/ fuller hair with Charles Worthington

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Thicker, fuller hair. It’s what we all want, apparently. And hair thinning is a real problem for many women. If you have spent a lifetime bleaching and colouring you hair, like me, you might need a little help from time to time with giving your hair a bit of a boost.

So, take Charles Worthington Thicker & Fuller Shampoo and Conditioner in to the shower with you, and have the Scalp Tonic waiting when you get out.

Thicker & Fuller Hair with Charles Worthington new trio

Salon brands have been doing the ‘thicker and fuller’ thing for a while now, so it’s not surprising that the “drugstore” brands have caught up.

Thickening the hair isn’t giving it volume, it’s actually expanding the follicles, and in tests this range almost doubled the proportion of active hair follicles.

So, use the Shampoo and Conditioner daily, or whenever you wash, and use the Scalp Tonic daily. After each wash, just apply whilst the hair is damp, directly on to the scalp. Use the nozzle to apply in sections throughout and massage the formula into the scalp. And don’t rinse. That’s the crucial part.

So, how does hair thinning happen? Well, there are various reasons, and Charles Worthington has some top tips to combat it.

Change your parting

Wearing hair parted down the same side every day for years, means hair becomes trained to lay flat on that side. But, if you switch sides, you’ll instantly get lift at the roots, making the crown appear fuller. Sometimes a parting can emphasise thin hair by exposing a lot of the scalp, so consider either opting for looks that don’t require a part – or going for a messy or zig zag parting which won’t show so much scalp.

Avoid back combing hair

While back combing is traditionally used to create volume, it’s not a good technique for fine hair as it only creates root volume, leaving mid-lengths looking sparse. More importantly it can put more stress on hair, causing it to break off. Instead try a gentle texturising spray which will give volume without taking fullness from the lengths.

Take care with heat styling

Heat styling is one of the biggest causes of damage to hair, so always use a heat protection spray, and make sure you use hair dryers at least six inches from the head, on the lowest temperature setting, and avoid using styling irons until hair is dry.

Use gentle hair accessories

Hair bands can cause hair breakage so avoid using elasticated ones that pull at the hair. Instead, try using hair grips, or covered bands that will be gentler on the hair. An easy up do that creates the illusion of fuller hair is to gather hair into a ponytail (using a covered hair band) and then grip small sections of the hair, as if you were wrapping them around an imaginary doughnut.

Charles Worthington Thicker & Fuller Shampoo, £6.99, Conditioner, £6.99, and Scalp Tonic, £7.99, at Boots and, available now