The Contourist with Temple Spa - and Lady Gaga!

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Only Lady Gaga could pop on sunglasses for a face mask #selfie! Apparently loads of celebs love taking pics of themselves with masks on, hey, why not?

But Lady Gaga’s sunglasses-selfie back in May is just brilliant. The mask she’s wearing? The Contourist, by Temple Spa.

Lady Gaga Works the Temple Spa Face Mask


Not familiar with them? Don’t worry, many aren’t. But you probably should be. Temple Spa are a high-end brand, sold in Selfridges and Harrods, and through consultants, who host, not parties, but classes, in your own home.

I’ve been to one, and they are classes – everyone has a facial whilst there, and gets to experience the products properly before they buy.

The Contourist is a sheet mask, and when I unfolded it to pop it on (Lady Gaga-style, of course – see my pictures below…!), I noticed the absolute GENIUS that is the ear-loops on the mask!

These sheet masks can be a pain to keep on the face; you have to lie down whilst they are on, but not this one. You’re Temple Spa Mask, The Contouristleaving this mask on for up to half an hour, so the fact that it is safely hooked over your ears is just brilliant! (I definitely didn’t smooth mine down enough around my nose though!)

This is part of Temple Spa’s ‘Red Carpet’ range – products that will make you ‘red carpet ready’ in a flash. As you can probably guess from the name, this mask promises to give you tight, radiant skin, almost instantly.

The magic is in the diamond-weave technology that makes the mask hug the face whilst infusing the skin with the serum on it. It’s a wee facelift in a mask, and my skin certainly felt bright and lifted after using it.

Hello contours! Hello firm, tight, radiant skin! This ingenious red carpet treatment is much more than just a mask – it’s a transforming experience you’ll want to repeat again and again. It contains extracts of pomegranate, red clover, licorice and vitamin C, as well as a complex called ‘Scupltessence’ whcih helps lift and hydrate, a peptide, Snap-8, to help relax expression lines, illuminate and brighten.

The mask has a ‘hammock for your chin’ at the bottom as well, and this also has loops that slip over your ears to hold it on. And then there’s the Elevator, a massage tool you can use to help contour even further.

Going Gaga with Temple Spa..

Lady Gaga style – or a bit Michael Myers?!

Check out the video on how to apply The Contourist, and you’ll see The Elevator there.

I was really pleased with the whole process of using this mask, and the results, and at £50 for six masks, it’s really not that expensive either. Use before a big night out for a boost, or the day after for a pick-me-up.

If you want to find out more about Temple Spa, visit their site, and if you need a local consultant in Edinburgh, then visit my local consultant, Caroline, her details are at this link.