Not Just a Hairspray....

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I had a little laugh when this information landed on my desk – all these uses for hairspray. Many of them are familiar, but I can’t say I have ever used hairspray to hold my clothes in place before… have done some research into all the wrird and wonderful things we use the humble can of hairspray for, other than keeping our hair in place.

It’s great to find out that your essential hair products can also help around the house,” said a spokesperson from “This research has uncovered some well hidden secrets. We never would have thought to use hairspray to stopping your skirt from riding up or to stretch out skinny jeans with a hair dryer.”
So, here are those tips from

Hairspray can…

Set your makeup – if you want your make up to last for a big night out, spritz hairspray directly above you then tilt your head back and let the spray fall onto your face. It’s an oldie but a goodie, come on, you must have tried this one!
Be used as an insect repellent spray – we’re not so sure about this one. Less toxic than regular mozzie or midge spray? Maybe, but we’ll stick to our Skin So Soft, thanks.
Protect your shoes – spray a light coat over shoes after polishing to set the colour and make the shine last – this one seems pretty plausible to us.
Extend the life of cut flowers– we have heard that spraying the underside of  cut stems with hairspray seals in the moisture and keeps blooms fresh for days. But let’s be honest, most flowers last for days now anyway, thanks to being force-grown in warehouses!
Remove static – there’s no point to getting your hairstyle in place for it to be ruined by static clothes. To avoid this, spray the garment with hairspray to neutralise the electric charge. I had never, ever thought of doing this, and am still a bit sceptical.
Stop ladders in tights  – there is nothing more annoying than a ladder in a new pair of tights, but does hairspray really work? Nail polish does.

Stop dresses and skirts from riding up – apparently gymnasts spray a thin layer of hairspray over themselves to keep their leotards in shape! Really?! Apparently if you do this to your legs and tops of thighs, it will keep short skirts or dresses in place. Mmmm.

We like to use hairspray for it’s proper use – to keep our hair in check! Here are a few of our faves!

Five Fab Hairsprays

1. Charles Worthington Style Setter Brush Out Strong Hairspray (£5.99, Boots)

2. Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray (£4.99, Superdrug)

3. Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Hairspray (£8,

4. label.m Hairspray (in Giles Deacon Lmited Edition packaging) (£12.25,

5. Batiste Hold me Hairspray (£4.49, Boots)