Michael Kors The Gold Collection

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Michael Kors fragrance is really like bling  in a bottle, agreed? I do love something about this fragrances, maybe that tuberose he loves so much. And I do love some of his blinging bottles!

These three make up his latest fragrance launch, The Gold Collection. And you don’t get much more bling than gold!

Each of the three individual scents was designed to reflect the opulence and luxury of the highly prized metal—from white, to rose, to 24K gold.

Michael Kors The Gold Collection fragrances

Why gold? Well, say Michael Kors, because it embodies the luxe glamour of the Michael Kors woman (who is she?!) and has become a symbol of Michael’s world —from lustrous fabrics and sun-kissed skin to high-shine hardware and gilded jewelry. Yep, Michael Kors LOVES a bit of gold.

There is nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacation—and nothing complements that glow better than shimmering gold jewelry and a hint of fragrance that feels just as opulent and glamorous,” he says, to prove his point.

So, let’s look at the fragrances in the collection. The three very distinctive scents were each carefully chosen and constructed with that ‘Michael Kors woman’ in mind, offering a scent for every occasion, mood and personal a

White Luminous Gold is sparkling and sensuous, thanks to an intoxicating burst of pear, jasmine and amber. It’s a very brightm exotic scent. 24K Brilliant Gold is feminine and seductive, with notes of orange mandarin, rich florals and a spark of woodiness. Finally, Rose Radiant Gold is a spicy little number, but that’s juxtaposed with rich florals and soft musks.

Now, check out this ad campaign shot of gorgeous Karmen Pedaru, shot by none other than Mario Testino, looking all deliciously golden.

Michael Kors Mario Testino Gold Collection campaign shot

Michael Kors The Gold Collection will be available from August 19, at various stores, if you;re in Edinburgh check out the Michael Kors store at Multrees Walk. And visit michaelkors.com for more info and gold fun!

The fragrances all come in three sizes 30ml, £39, 50ml, £58, 100ml, £79