Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Color Repair

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Quinoa. What is it with this stuff? Gillian McKeith  (her that flaked out on I’m A Celebrity creating some of the best TV ever) extolled the virtues of quinoa years ago on that programme she did on Channel 4 when she looked at people’s poo.

Then we all started eating it (the quinoa, not the poo!). Except me. I just can’t. I will eat pretty much anything else, but this stuff, I just can’t get into it. Now, as well as eating it, we’re using it in beauty products! In this instance, in haircare, thanks to Paul Mitchell’s latest range for coloured hair.

If, like me, you colour your hair, you will know that it can become dull, faded and damaged. The colour fade is, according to Paul Mitchell, down to three main things – frequent shampooing, thermal styling, and UV exposure.

That’s where this new Ultimate Color Repair range comes in, harnessing the restorative powers of quinoa to help lock in the colour, restore lustre and reverse the signs of damage.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair range

So, before we go any further, what the heck is quinoa. Well, it was discovered by Incas thousands of years ago, and is an ancient grain that is a gret source of protein and has a very high amino acid content. This helps it to deliver powerful repair and protection for longer-lasting colour, say Paul Mitchell.Hair Like This Please, Paul Mitchell!

It will penetrate into the cortex and bond like a magnet to negatively charged damage sites, create a scaffold around the hair, locking in colour and minimising oxidative damage that contributes to colour fade, and form a protective shield around the hair while smoothing the cuticle and adding moisture and shine.

There are three products in the range – Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Rescue, which is a pre-styling product. I have tried the range, and I am a HUGE Paul Mitchell hair care fan.

But…I didn’t love this one as much as I wanted to. I found my hair too dry and damaged even for this conditioner to repair, and I am sticking with my Awapuhi Ginger range for now.

I do quite like the Triple Rescue – let’s be honest, I will try anything on my hair when it’s at its worst! But it really has to be another thumbs down for quinoa for me!

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, from £7.75, Conditioner, from £7.75, and Triple Rescue, from £7.75, from Paul Mitchell salons. For more, visit