Creme de la Mer Treatment Massage Tool

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There has been a HUGE trend in the last couple of years for beauty gadgets. Cleansing brushes are a particular favourite – everyone seems to have one, or at least have tried one.

I’m not that much of a gadget fan, but I was impressed with Creme de la Mer’s addition to the trend – their Treatment Massage Tool.

It sort of looks like a metal fish at first glance, and it is exceptionally easy to use, and needs no power other than elbow grease! And your favourite serum, of course.

Creme de la Mer massage tool

This tool has been uniquely designed and tested to improve radiance and increase micro-circulation. Creme has various massage routines you can use with this too. Using the contoured edge of the tool, a variety of sweeping movements maximises the application experience and benefits. The rounded end of the tool is used to apply pressure to acupressure points for additional stimulation.

This tool is actually very, very tactile – you want to touch it. It’s cool to the touch, and it fits the contours of your face easily – you just know how to use it instinctively.

Here are three massage routines you can follow with your tool, for varying effects.

NEW DIMENSIONthis massage uses the contoured edge of the Massage Tool to enhance the experience of our skin-sculpting treatments, helping bring visible depth and dimension to skin’s appearance.

1. Begin by anchoring the contoured edge of the tool at points along your jawline starting at the chin, and working upwards in short flicking motions.

2. Perform the same technique along your cheekbone

3. Place the round end of the tool at the inner brow and press upward in short strokes

4. Follow by anchoring the pointed edge above lip contours and working outward over the lower lip

5. Finish with the same motion on the lower lip. Repeat the entire massage five times.

RADIANT RENEWALthis massage is desgined with gentle motins across jawlines, cheekbones, forehead and neck to renew radiance for a natural, healthy-looking glow.

1. Start by moving the contoured edge of the tool continuously along the contours of your jawline.

2. Use the same motiona along the cheekbone

3. Place the contoured edge around the inner eye and move across the brow toward the temple

4. Rest the shorter edge of the tool against the forehead and move upward

5. Place the shorter side on the jawbone and move down the neck.

VITAL ENERGYthis massage revitalises and awakens the complexion, giving your skin the vitality it needs to look awakened and revived.

1. Start by moving the rounded end of the tool in tight ciurcular motions moving up the jawline.

2. Use the rounded end to move in circles around the entire mouth.

This tol is £50, which seems like a lot for a bit of metal, but I do really like it, and it feels so much more organic than all the other beauty gadgets around at the moment.

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