Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Masterclass

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Bridesmaid hair and makeup can be tricky. As there is usually more than one bridesmaid, the bride has to choose a style that suits different face shapes and colouring, suits everyone’s personal tastes and keeps everyone happy (we have been informed by those in the know that bridesmaids are usually bigger divas than brides.)

The role of a bridesmaid is to look amazing without overshadowing the bride. It’s an important role but a supporting role and a role that lasts all day and night so you need a hair and make up look that is up to the challenge.

Debi and Kelly from Glow salon in Glasgow, who have styled many bridesmaids over the years, shared their bridesmaid hair and makeup tips as well as a bridesmaid hair and make up video tutorial you can use for inspiration or try for yourself at home.

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Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Tips from Debi and Kelly

Consider hair up (even if you don’t want to)

BridesmaidHair“I would always advise a bridesmaid to wear her hair up,” Debi said. “It gives you glamour right away, it gives you added height right away, it looks clean and crisp and you don’t have to worry about it. Your hands always naturally go to your hair during the day without you realising it and you’re giving people hugs all day. Most brides or bridesmaids who want their hair down want a curl in it and curls just don’t last, no matter how firm you do it. Nine times out of ten, the brides and bridesmaids who wore their hair down say they wish they’d listened to me. Bridesmaids need to remember they are wearing their hair all day and night. They usually get it done first thing in the morning and the nighttime guests won’t see them until half past seven at night.”


Get creative to add height

“Lots and lots of height is currently very popular with bridesmaids,” said Debi. “People are using hairpieces to create more hair so they can get more height and volume. A few times I’ve used tights stuffed with cotton wool or a ball of wall from the Pound Shop that I put in the crown area. It gives you instant height but you still have all your hair to play with. Even brides or bridesmaids who have long hair or thick hair and say they don’t need pieces say “why doesn’t my bun look like her’s?” or “why does she have more height?” when they see the bridesmaids with pieces in. Hair pieces are so good these days; it’s not like the old days when you could see the clips. Most people you see on tv, on the catwalk and on the red carpet have pieces in their hair.”

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Make sure skin is carefully buffed

“Bridesmaids will be getting their photos taking throughout the day so it’s important to make sure all the make up is buffed into the skin and suitable for your skin type,” said Kelly. “You don’t want the foundation to be too light or dark. For a bridesmaid I think it’s nice to keep it natural and enhance your natural beauty.” (Watch the video tutorial above to learn how to buff skin.)

Lips and blush are important

BridesmaidMakeUp“A nice lip gloss and blush are a must,” Kelly said. “Even if you don’t wear foundation you can get good skin prep with moisturisers but a nice blusher and lip gloss gives you that extra glow.”

You can go more dramatic at night 

“I don’t think a bridesmaid look should be too dark or dramatic,” Kelly advises. “However, if a bridesmaid does want a dark, smokey eye, she can add it at night when the party starts.”

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