My Beauty Manifesto: Linzi Young from James Dun's House Glasgow

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In a new series, we’ll be asking the girls from our 5pm salons to share their beauty tips and philosophies. First up is Linzi Young, Beauty Therapist from James Dun’s House in Glasgow Merchant City.



Name: Linzi Young

Job Title: Beauty therapist at James Dun’s House in Glasgow.

Beauty background: I’ve worked in the beauty industry for almost 12 years.

Why did you decide to become a beauty therapist? My older sister works in the industry and used to practice nails and makeup on me when we were younger! I also love making people feel and look amazing!

What style and colour do you choose for your own hair? Big hair, natural and curly and semi permanent Aveda hair colour to give my hair shine

What are your favourite beauty products? Aveda’s Tourmaline Radiance Fluid and the entire Enbrightenment range is amazing, especially the mask! I also love their beautifying composition oil.

What make up do you use? Aveda’s sheer tinted moisturiser during the day but wouldn’t be without my MAC lippy for going out!

What are your favourite hair products? As I love wearing my hair big and curly, Aveda’s Be Curly range is perfect for my hair. Phomolient and their new thickening tonic also helps create volume!

What’s your favourite budget beauty product? Palmer’s coco butter is great!

What’s your signature perfume? I’ve worn Narciso Rodriguez for years, it’s my favourite scent, but in work our Aveda Chakra sprays are lovely and set me up nicely for a day of treatments 🙂

Do you wear nail polish? If so, what’s your favourite? Shellac nails in Wildfire classic red. Lately I’ve been trying out pastel colours too.


What hair or beauty treatment do you always think is worth spending money on? I believe everyone should have a facial and a Hollywood wax every month!

What’s been your biggest hair or beauty mistake? Thin eyebrows back in the day!

What’s the best hair or beauty trick you can pass along? Aveda’s Beautifying oil on legs to stop ingrown hairs. It makes them super smooth.

What do you do to stay fit and healthy? I always walk everywhere.

What do you do to relax? Have a nice bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine.


What’s your favourite thing about your appearance? My dimples!

What’s your beauty philosophy? Stay as natural as possible. Pale skin is beautiful! 🙂

Thanks Linzi! To be pampered by Linzi and see other fab offers from James Dun’s House, check their 5pm Spa & Beauty profile.